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Types of Hot Peppers

Types of Hot Peppers

There are a ton of different types of hot peppers! Sandia Seed is all about chile peppers, and we carry over 100 types of peppers from around the world. Try growing a new type of hot pepper this year! We add new varieties each season, so you can grow peppers of the world in your garden!

List of Peppers by Heat

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or somewhere in-between?

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Technically, all peppers are part of the genus Capsicum, which includes the full range of peppers including super hot peppers like the Carolina Reaper as well as sweet peppers such as the Bell Pepper. We like all chile peppers, both sweet, mild and super spicy. They all have their various uses, whether it be to add depth and flavor to dishes or for fiery salsa recipes or chile stews. For ideas, view all of our favorite pepper recipes »

Types of Hot Peppers

Here is a list of all of our
types of hot peppers we carry:

Dynamite Green Chile - XXHot!

Santa Fe Grande

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Check out our Ghost Peppers:

Types of Hot Peppers: Ghost Pepper Seeds

If you like sweet too, we also have a great selection of types of sweet and mild peppers:


Bell Pepper - Cal Wonder Golden
Bell Pepper - Cal Wonder Green
Mini Orange Lunchbox Bell Pepper 
Bell Purple Beauty

Bell Sweet Chocolate - our earliest pepper!
Red Marconi
Jimmy Nardello
NuMex Trick or Treat Habanero (no heat!)
Sweet Hungarian Wax

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