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Dragon's Breath Pepper Seeds


Q. I'm sure I'm not the first to ask... WHEN CAN I BUY DRAGON'S BREATH SEEDS?
Is there a 'short' list? How can I be assured I'll get some seeds ASAP? - Lee

A. We are not currently offering Dragon's Breath Pepper Seeds.  The seeds were proving to be unstable and so we stopped offering them. The famed "Dragon's Breath Pepper" has not been deemed the world-record holder of being the World's Hottest Pepper, nor have we found it to be a stable strain.  If you want to grow a super hot Dragon pepper in your garden, make sure to also check out the Komodo Dragon pepper. Also to note: the 2022 Hottest Pepper crown still belongs to the Carolina Reaper



Q. Do you offer Seed Discounts, Coupons or Promotion Codes? 
 Yes, we do offer coupon codes and discounts regularly to our seed customers. Signup for our Newsletter to get on our list to find out about our seed discounts, plus follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest as we post contests, promo codes and coupon codes often.


Find our 50% Off Seeds that change seasonally for some great deals. 
We also offer 3-Pack Seed Packets discounts with our most popular peppers so you can save 15% on three seed packets. 


Wholesale Discounts: Or, if you are a garden nursery, plant shop, or neighborhood store and you want to sell our seeds, check out our our 50% Off Discount on Wholesale Seeds »

We also offer Seed Racks for purchase to display our seeds. Get 50% off our seed packets with our Wholesale Seed Collections which include customer favorites so you don't have to guess at which pepper seed packets to buy for your shop. 

And, if you're looking for Bulk Seeds, we also sell our popular varieties in bulk. Bulk seeds are great way to save on seed cost to be used for large gardens, urban farms, pepper growing operations, and for even sharing at a Community Garden.

Q: I am looking for mild hatch chile seeds do you have them available? I would like to send some to my mother in California she loves Hatch Chiles and I wanted her to grow some of her own.

A. We offer quite a few Hatch Chile seeds in the Mild to Medium category. The Anaheim, NuMex NM 6-4, Big Jim Legacy, NuMex Big Jim, NuMex Espanola Improved and Hatch Green Mild~NM6-4, and Hatch Green Medium~Big Jim, and our newly designed packet coming soon for Hatch Red Medium~Joe E. Parker.


Q: Do you have a printed Seed Catalog

A. Yes, we have a printed catalog that you can order for $2: 
Order Seed Catalog »

We also have a FREE PDF download of our Seed Catalog that you can download to view and print if desired. This seed catalog page has all our seed varieties in one order form for easy shopping. You can also see our entire seed collection in our All Seeds category

Q. Where can I buy your seeds in Albuquerque?

A. Sandia Seed doesn't have a retail location, but you can buy seeds at many stores in Albuquerque. If you're visiting Albuquerque, or you are a 'Land of Enchantment' native, check out the retailer locations on our Store Locator page. Thank you for shopping at locally owned stores. 


Q. Are your seeds untreated?

A. All the seeds we sell are untreated. There is no chemical dressing applied like a fungicide, an antimicrobial or an insecticide. All seeds are Non-GMO.

Q: Why aren't my pepper seeds germinating?

A. Sandia Seed makes every effort possible to ensure your success as a gardener. It starts with our quality seeds. Our seeds are select grade and germination must be above 85% before they are accepted to be Sandia Seed Quality. They are re-tested again when received at our location, before packing into packets. Sandia Seed continuously educates gardeners on how to germinate peppers seeds. Find info on our website and on Facebook.

Quick Overview for Success. 

1. Seedling mix only, and never use peat or jiffy pots, cover seed 1/4". 2. Keep moist at all times, can’t dry out once, seed will die. 3. Keep warm at all times, if they get colder than 60 degrees the clock starts over. 4. Patience, don't compare peppers to any other vegetable germination times. It can take 2 to 6 weeks.

Pepper seeds only germinate when it is warm, because they want to complete their life-cycle and produce fruit. There is no reason for them to germinate when it is cold or dry. Each pepper variety takes a different amount of time to germinate. If you would like to contact us please follow the instructions for our Seed Guarantee found on our Policy and Terms page.


Q. Can I find your seeds in stores? 
A. Yes! Our seeds are featured in stores and garden nurseries around the country!  If you can't find our seeds in your area, ask your local nursery to get them. We sell to stores all across the United States. Use our Store Locator to find a location near you. 


Q. Do you offer discounts or coupons?

A. YES! We offer coupons and discounts exclusive to our social and newsletter followers. Like us on Facebook or Instagram and sign up for our Newsletter to receive periodical coupons that you can apply to your order. 


Q. Why are your New Mexico seeds shipped from Corona, CA?

A. Our business has grown over the past 10 years, and we now have a location in Riverside, CA. The New Mexico seeds are sourced directly from the New Mexican farmers that we have worked with since day one. Growing locations include Hatch, Mesilla Valley, Socorro, Chimayo and a few more. We believe this is why we are so successful, because we do have direct connections to the New Mexico farms. After harvest, the seeds are taken to our distribution warehouse in Corona, CA.

Q. Which pepper is the hottest in the world?

A. Check out our Hottest Peppers Chart for a list of all our peppers in order of mildest to the world's hottest! The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world currently, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Q. I want to grow green chiles that are medium hot, which one is that?
A. Here is a list of all the green chile seeds we offer in mild to hot order. View our entire List of Peppers by Heat »

Mildest: Paprika, Poblano, Anaheim
Mild: Pasilla, Heritage 6-4, Big Jim Legacy.
Medium: Big Jim Heritage, Joe E. Parker, Hatch Green Chile, Guajillo, Chimayo, Espanola Improved, Fresno, Santa Fe Grande.
Hot: Hatch Red, Sandia Hot, Barker's Hot, Lumbre.
Extra Hot: Early Jalapeno, Serrano.
We suggest trying a few different varieties to find your favorite!

Q. Do you have seed planting information? 

A. Yes, there is an article on our Blog Page titled Seed Planting Information. Click here to view it.

Q. What is the Tombstone Ghost pepper?

A. The Tombstone Ghost pepper is a Red Bhut Jolokia strain. It has been grown in southern Arizona for over 5 years. It matures sooner, has a smoother taste, has the same or a little less heat, and more 'vapor heat' than our Bhut Jolokia red. Vapor heat means the Tombstone Ghost burns your nose and eyes faster when it is cut open. We named this one the Tombstone Ghost because the crop grows near Tombstone, and Tombstone, AZ is haunted with ghosts.

Q. What should I use to support my pepper plants?

A. A pepper plant usually doesn't need additional support. They are bushy plants that are usually as tall as they are wide. Most pepper grow like a strong bush, and can even support a heavy crop of peppers. If you know your plants will need support when heavy with peppers, push a 4 - 6 foot wood stake into the ground when the seedling is planted in the garden soil. If you do it later, the stake may damage existing roots. Then as the plant grows taller, loosely tie the main stem to the stake every 1-2 feet with floral tape or plastic clips. Raised rows are good, because if peppers touch the ground (because they are long and grew on the lowest branches), they are on dry dirt. 

Q. Why can't I grow the seeds that come from the dried chiles at the grocery store?

A. Most dried chiles at the grocery store have been oven dried not sun-dried. The oven reaches a high temperature that kills the seeds. If you are buying the chiles to make red chile, reserve some seeds for a germination test. (Put seedling mix in a cut off styrofoam cup at about 2 inches high. Place 10 seeds all around the top about 1/4" deep. Keep moist and in bright light for at least 4 weeks. If they sprout transfer to containers.)
Additional Note: Most dried chile pod bags just say "Red Chile" and not the particular variety.

Q. I can't decide which variety to grow, I want the actual "New Mexico Green Chile" that I eat at restaurants when I am in New Mexico.
A. "New Mexico Green Chile" consists of several varieties. I suggest growing the Big Jim variety first. This is a nice medium hot chile with a good harvest. It is a really big chile and fun to share with fellow gardeners! This variety can be roasted and then made into traditional tasting New Mexico green chile sauce. They can be cooked fresh for chile rellenos and also freeze well after roasting. After your first chile growing season, you can choose chile varieties for pungency (hotter or milder than Big Jim) and for your growing conditions (long or short season). If you have the garden space, try at least three varieties the first time! I would grow Big Jim, Espanola Improved and New Mexico #6.

Q. Is your New Mexico #6 Green Chile variety the New Mexico #6-4 that I like?
A. Yes, it is. The New Mexico #6, New Mexico #6-4 and the College #6 are all the same chile variety. This particular variety has remained the most popular with New Mexican home gardeners over many decades. It is mild to medium and can be used in so many ways for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
*2009 Update: The New Mexico #6 has recently been developed into another variety with all its best attributes. It is called NuMex Heritage 6-4.

Q. This is not a question, I just wanted to comment that I am so happy that you are selling green chile seeds in smaller packet size quantities. I love green chile, and as a gardener, I want to try a bunch of them. You have given me this opportunity for a small price.
A. Your very welcome. It is our pleasure to sell green chile seeds in packets. Please let us know what we can do to provide better service and products. Thanks again.

Q. Why are my seedlings shriveling up and dying? 
A. It could be damping off, a common seed ailment when starting seeds indoors. This fungal disease affects the new plant stem just at soil level, causing the stem to become brown, rot and die. To prevent this disease, make sure there is airflow and movement, which is critical for healthy seedlings. Movement also helps seedlings grow stockier and not as leggy. It is also important not to overwater your seedings. Find more tips to strengthen your seedlings and Prevent damping off »

Q. Why didn't my seeds germinate?
A. If your pepper seeds (or any vegetable seeds) did not germinate, there are a few things you can do to improve germination. Successful pepper seed germination requires a few things: heat (80˚-90˚ F), consistent moisture, and moderate light. Germination should occur within 7-21 days but sprouting can take up to 40 days, so be patient! Learn more tips on how to improve pepper seed germination


Q. I'm just wondering, are your seeds non-gmo?

A. All of our seeds are non-GMO. 

In fact, there are not any 'genetically modified organism' chile seeds available to any growers. Most of our seeds are heirlooms and have been grown for generations. Heirloom seeds can be collected and grown again the following year becasue they are open-pollinated. The NuMex varieties of green chile we offer have been hand selected at NMSU for desirable traits. This research takes several years of field grown trials to produce a chile plant with pods that have great taste, good yield, and other desirable characteristics. NuMex seeds can also be collected and grown the following year. Hybrid seeds have two different parent plants that produce a seed with all the vigor and greatness from each parent. The hybrid seeds cannot be collected and grown the next year to produce the same result.

Q. What does it mean to harden off seedlings before planting them in my garden?

A. This is an important step. Your plants have only known the indoor environment. Soon, they will be outside into full sun, cool nights, wind, and much more. Here is one way to do it.

First, place a gentle oscillating fan on your plants while they are still indoors. An hour or more on low is enough to strengthen their stems, or gently brush them with your hand everyday. Do this for at least a week if it hasn't been done since they emerged. Turn off the warm seedling mat. Unless your house gets below 60 degrees at night.

Second, place them outside in the shade during the day, and bring back in at night. They may need additional water so they don't dry out. This can be done for a few days.

Third, place them in partial sun during the day and back inside at night. Observe your plants to make sure they are still thriving, or back up one step. Gradually increase the amount of full sun they receive. For example 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 2 hours. The sun is very harsh here in Albuquerque, your time may lengthen faster. Above all make sure they have enough water. Finally, transplant into your garden on a warm mild day. You can temporarily shade transplants from the afternoon sun for one week.

Q. How far apart should I place the pepper plants?

A. Most pepper plants grow as wide as they are tall. So, if you are growing a 36” tall pepper like Trinidad Scorpion, each plant should be placed a minimum of 36” apart. That is 36” on center, from stem to stem. A zig-zag pattern will make the best use of your valuable garden area.

Q. Can you plant seeds directly in the ground instead of germinating in pots?

A. Yes, the soil must be warm, and the seeds must be kept moist all the time. Germination will take longer because it won't be cozy like a seedling mat. Once the seedlings appear, they will catch up to the plants that were germinated indoors. *The super hot peppers probably won't germinate from outside garden soil.


Q. Can I plant peppers in pots?

A. Yes, many peppers grow great in pots! Read about our Best Peppers to Grow in Containers »

Q. Why is some of the information about growing peppers different on your webpage like the nighttime minimum for transplanting outside is 55˚F in one place and 70˚F in another?

A. Great question. There are different variations of the same growing procedures in the articles on our website. That's because every garden is different and we like to give an general overview that will help a majority of gardener's in their different climates, soils, weather and level of expertise. We know our advice is usually slightly modified to fit their particular garden. The 55˚F would represent a micro-climate that has fast draining soil and is against a south facing wall, and the 70˚F represents a garden with heavy wet soil. We hope all gardeners are able to use our advice as a guideline for their specific situations and be successful. 

Q. Why do I have to pay $3.95 shipping for a $2.49 packet of seeds, why can't you just stick it in a business envelope for 50 cents?

 A. Seeds get crushed in business envelopes. We know you want your seeds to arrive safe and fast. We ship the next 1 - 2 business days in a bubble envelope with tracking confirmation plus a small fee for shipping overhead. We are also offering free shipping now on orders over $20. 


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