• Carolina Reaper Seeds

    Carolina Reaper Seeds

    Super hot pepper seeds for those of you who like spice!

  • Hot Pepper Seeds - Bhut Jolokia

    Bhut Jolokia – Super Hot Pepper Seeds

    Staff Pick: Bhut JolokiaThis Ghost Pepper is dangerously HOT! The pepper's fierce “bite” is akin to the venom of a king cobra.

  • Hot Pepper Seeds – Wholesale

    Wholesale Pepper & Tomato Seeds

    Sell our seeds in your shop! We offer a 50% Discount to Wholesalers.

  • GMO-Free & Organic Hot Pepper Seeds

    GMO-Free & Organic Sourced Seeds

    At Sandia Seed, all of our hot pepper seeds are GMO-Free and are organically-sourced, so you know you're getting a quality product.

  • Buy Green Chile Seeds

    Green Chile Seeds

    Check out all of the green chile pepper seed varieties we have that make Hatch, New Mexico famous.

GMO-Free organic hot pepper seeds

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