How to Grow Peppers from Seed

How to Grow Peppers

Read our top tips for growing pepper plants that are healthy, large, and have good harvests. Learn how to germinate your chile seeds faster (yes, they do take longer than most vegetable seeds) and how to prevent weak or leggy seedlings:


2022 Seed Catalog

Our 2022 Seed Catalog features lots of new seeds, recipes, and growing tips. You can download it FREE or order a print copy ($2 includes shipping) to be mailed to you.

TheĀ complete Seed Catalog hasĀ 100+ specialty peppersĀ from sweet to super-hot,Ā 50Ā heirloom tomatoes,Ā and organicĀ seeds forĀ 27 organic vegetables. Our Seed Catalog also has growing tips and recipes.

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