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Sandia Seed Company

Serrano Hidalgo Seeds

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The Serrano Hidalgo originated in the mountainous regions of the Mexican state of Hidalgo and its name is a reference to the mountains of that area. This pepper is slightly hotter than a jalapeño with a bright fruit flavor. They are perfect for fresh salsa and pickling or homemade hot sauces. Use the serranos fresh without any roasting or peeling. These extremely productive plants yield dozens of light green fruits that ripen green to red. The small 2-1/2 x 1/2” fruits have thin walls and the classic serrano heat. Plants can grow up to 3 feet tall. Capsicum annuum (76 days)  Heat Level: Hot to Very Hot.  Scoville 6,000-17,000.   Open-pollinated, heirloom       

The packet contains 10 seeds. 

In early spring, start seeds indoors 8 weeks prior to warm nightly temperatures. Place the seeds in sterile media and cover 1/4” deep. Provide 85°F bottom heat, and bright light, and keep moist at all times. Seeds will germinate in 7 - 21 days. Transplant seedlings into pots and grow until there are 6 true leaves on the plant. Plant them directly into rich soil, 30” apart or into large 5-gallon containers. Harvest chiles when they are green. If left on the plant a couple more weeks, the peppers will turn red at full maturity.

All of our seeds are GMO-free.