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Hatch Red Medium - Joe E. Parker Chile Seeds

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Hatch Red Medium - Authentic red chile flavor with mild to medium heat! This chile has been grown in the Hatch Valley of southwest New Mexico for over a century. Hatch is a term describing several different green chile varieties ranging from mild to extra hot that are grown in the Hatch region of New Mexico.

Learn What makes a Hatch Chile Hatch ¬Ľ

This Hatch Joe E. Parker variety is perfect for roasting. Also, great for making red chile sauce or pungent red chile powder from the dried red pods.

This variety has thick flesh with heat that can range from mild to medium.¬†Chiles are 8" long on productive 30‚ÄĚ plants.¬†A very heavy yielding chile pepper. It turns quickly from green to red.¬†Fresh red chile is perishable and difficult to find in grocery stores. Grow your own and pick it at peak maturity.¬†Capsicum annuum¬†(80 days)

Heat Level: Mild to Medium Scoville 1000-3000

~ Packet contains 30 seeds. 

In early spring, start seeds indoors 8¬†weeks prior to warm nightly temperatures. Place the seeds in sterile media and cover 1/4‚ÄĚ deep. Provide 85¬įF bottom heat, bright light, and keep moist at all times. Seeds will germinate in 7 - 21¬†days. Transplant seedlings into pots and grow until there are 6 true leaves on the plant. Plant them directly into rich soil, 30‚ÄĚ apart, or into large 5-gallon containers. Chiles can be harvested when full size and green. If left on the plant for a couple more weeks, the¬†chiles¬†will turn red at full maturity and have more flavor.

All of our seeds are GMO-free.

Customer Reviews

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Neil Wickman
Great seeds, great fruits!

I grew these up in northern Illinois and they were fantastic low-effort plants that pumped out buckets of peppers right alongside my tomatoes. Green is classic for these Hatch-style peppers, but the red color is beautiful and makes for a wonderful red salsa when combined with red habaneros and black poblanos.

You can pick them when they're green, of course, they turn red after getting to full size so I only let a portion of them get fully mature and change color. Hard to go wrong with any of the Joe Parker varieties, but this one was a fantastic multipurpose pepper.

Dickie Martinez
Hatch red medium choli seeds

Haven't planted yet but am sure I will enjoy finished product

These are amazing big red chiles!

Seeds did great, grew into robust plants with giant red chile pods! Delicious.

Fresh red chile is the best!

It's hard to find red chile that isn't dried, so growing it is the only way to taste this exceptional flavor. I used to live in New Mexico so could get some of these fresh, but now that I'm in New York it's nowhere to be found, so growing it in my veggie garden is the only way we can taste the sweet buttery deliciousness that is fresh red chile! We simply roast it on our gas grill to char the skins, then cool in a glass dish with lid, peel, and enjoy! The red chile meat is heavenly and great on pizza, sandwiches, wraps, you name it. Thank you for offering these precious seeds, it is so wonderful to be able to grow them in our garden!

The Redhead Gardener
Love growing these red hatch chile!

These are delicious, especially when roasted the same day after picking - their creamy, smokey, tasty flesh is extremely addicting. You can't grow enough of them!

Thanks for your kind review! We love these, too.