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Posted on 07 April 2020

Salsa Recipes: Hatch Chile Salsa Recipe
Salsas can be made hundreds of different ways. We like to use whatever we have on hand to make salsa, including everything we are growing in our garden – so don't worry if you don't have the exact ingredients for any of our favorite recipes below – make the recipe you're own! 

No-Peel Salsa Recipe »
Green Tomato Salsa Recipe »
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Most of these salsa recipes above are just variations of the main ingredients: chile peppers, tomatoes (or tomatillos), onions, cilantro, lime juice and spices.

Feel free to use different hot peppers, or if you like it HOT HOT try super hot peppers like the hottest pepper the Carolina Reaper.  You can even try sweet peppers in any of these salsa recipes to taste a wide variety of chile pepper flavors. We even love having a Salsa Tasting Party and making different salsas with different hot peppers so that you can really taste each pepper in the salsa.

Dried Pepper Salsa Recipe

You can use Dried Peppers for all of these Salsa Recipes!

While fresh hot peppers are the best, all of these salsa recipes are also delicious with dried hot peppers. We dry many of our hot peppers for use year-round in the kitchen. We usually keep them whole and then crumble or crush them into different recipes, or turn into hot pepper flakes for shaking over everything.

Some hot peppers are fruity like all of our different Ghost Peppers, and some are citrusy like the Aji Lemon Drop, our  while others are smokey and complex like the Piquillo Pepper, so make sure to try growing any one of our 100+ peppers from around the world and try them all in salsa!

Salsa Recipes


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