Hatch Chile Seeds

Hatch Chiles are known worldwide for their incredible flavor. They are called Hatch because they are grown in the Hatch Valley area in southwestern New Mexico. All our Hatch chile seeds are grown in this area, and all our New Mexican pod-type chile seeds are grown in the state of New Mexico.

If you have ever lived in New Mexico or tasted Hatch green chile then you know you can’t live without it! Well maybe you’ll live, but wouldn’t it be great to have them growing in your garden?  Yes. Now you can experience that wonderful flavor of green chile wherever you live.  Be prepared because green chile is addictive, just ask any New Mexican.

Technically, if you don't grow these varieties in the Hatch region, then you can't call them Hatch chiles. However, we think they still taste great no matter where you live in the world, and, for a lot of people who are not in New Mexico, it's hard to even get Hatch chile! So why not spread the Chile love and grow Hatch chile varieties where ever you live? Looking for Big Jim seeds, Poblano seeds and other New Mexican green chiles? Check out our Green Chile Seeds collection for all your favorites. 

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