Get Real Gardening Seeds

Get Real Gardening vegetable seeds are perfect for the beginner gardener because they are dependable varieties that will grow well in a wide range of conditions. You can grow your own food at home and start enjoying fresh produce picked straight from the garden. 

Sandia Seed is getting real and selling more food vegetable seeds because you just can't live on peppers and tomatoes forever! It's easy to plant seeds and learn how to feed yourself and your family from a garden. Knowing how to grow food is a good skill to have and it's fun and exciting.

All our seeds are organic, untreated, and non-GMO.  "Get Real Grow Food"

Got gardening questions? You can always ask your own state’s cooperative extension service. These local experts provide on-the-ground advice with tricky insect problems, the best times to plant seeds, when vegetables are ready to harvest, and more! Here’s a list of cooperative extension offices by state.

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