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Seed Reviews - Sandia Seed Company has the best seeds!

Seed Reviews

Sandia Seed is a woman-owned seed company that specializes in Pepper Seeds. We sell pepper seeds from around the world to gardeners all over the world. We also specialize in New Mexican Chile seeds such as Hatch Chile seeds, Poblano seeds, and other New Mexican favorites. And we also sell Heirloom tomato seeds, which are a great complement to peppers as there are an infinite number of ways you can make recipes with chile peppers and tomatoes! 

Check out some of our recent Reviews of our seeds our customers below.
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“Great harvest from the red hot hatch peppers plants. Grew plants in raised bed in zone 7. I will grow these every year.”
– MA, on our Hatch Red Hot Chile - Sandia Hot Chile Seeds


“All the hatch seeds germinated and we made hatch chili salsa that was fantastic and froze the rest as roasted hatch chili. Great seeds!”
– Shapiro, on our Doublecross Hot Hatch Green Chile Seeds


“I grew this year Anaheim -type green chilies in a large pot on my deck. I watered them daily so as to not encourage them to get hotter. It worked so well. Got heavy harvest of delicious chilies. Will do again next spring
–Sheila, on our NM 6-4 Mild Hatch Chile Seeds

“Fast service and grown true peppers of all varieties. Good amount of seeds in the packets,too! Love Sandia Seeds.”
– Toby O. 

“Thank you for the nice email! I had a great garden this year and your seeds provided me with an abundance of Hatch chiles, poblanos, and green chiles. I had a bumper crop of Mulato Islenos which I really like–cooked some and dried some nice ripe ones for a mole later. Thank you for having these seeds available.”
– Tony H., Fairburn GA (southside of Atlanta)

“I'm a Colorado Master Gardener, but these things would grow if no one was around them! LONG, thick, gorgeous peppers with medium heat, PERFECT for chiles rellenos or chili verde. I live at 6,000 ft. in Colorado and they have NO problem getting very big plant structures, and a few dozen peppers per plant. I roast them on my BBQ and freeze them with the burnt skins on for my chile fix all Winter long...” –  D. A. Sherman

Seed Reviews - Best Seeds from Sandia Seed - Chile seeds grown in Wyoming

“I hope that you get these photos [above]. I started your Heritage Big Jim seed in a sunshed in mid March, planted around 600 to the garden! As you see, we made quite a haul! I do have a small chile roaster and many chile loving friends! We really love the flavor of these Big Jims. I will be ordering from you again! Thanks.” – Janette of Sheridan, Wyoming

“We had 100% germination, and the peppers are outside growing happy as clams. Very pleased. I've even harvested a few already. We did keep them warm and toasty on heating mats, then with lots of light in a reflective grow tent once germinated. Thank you!” – Jen


“Germination went exceptionally well. I started my seeds back in February using a a Hydrofarm heat mat with temp-troller to maintain a nice warm environment for germination. I grew my seedlings under grow lights until they were simply bursting and bushy. My last frost date just passed, and I was able to plant in the ground on April 21st.  Can't wait to see results and harvest!” – Michael J.


Seed Reviews – Seedlings with 100% germination from★★★★★
“It is chile from NM, what is not to love? 18 hours from home and it is great to grow your own, these seeds germinated quickly.” 
– Tracy D.

“We planted these chiles in our garden this summer and once they got going, they really produced! Wonderful, long green chiles! The plants were loaded!” – Melvin F.

“An acceptable number of the seeds germinated and I will have extras for neighbors. Looking good early in the spring.” – Butch

“Good growers strong plants: All germinated, good growers strong plants. I love them for Chili Rellenos!!!” – Biggyal66

“Big Jim Chili GOOD CHILIS: I planted them last year my first time with using this product it was satisfactory now that I know how. I plan on a greater harvest this year they are mmm' good.” – Ben M.

“Grew well in my Southern California garden. Did have the heat I was expecting from New Mexico Chile. Can't wait for next years garden.”

“Great Chile: They grew fast and have a good spice to them. We have really enjoyed having them and plan on planting more when we move.” – Dana

“I didn't have a problem with germination. I started the seeds indoors in mid-March, but I'll probably wait until mid-April nest season. These were grown in Virginia. I'd rate the heat level at a medium-hot, although that could be due to over watering from all the rain we get here. They have an authentic Hatch green chile flavor.”
– Natalie

Seed Reviews – Roasting Homegrown Chile grown from Seeds from Sandia Seed
“We just harvested the peppers. Great results! Good numbers per plant and very flavorful! Didn't comment til after the harvest. Would definitely purchase again!”
– Geza

Seeds Reviews – seedlings grown from Seeds - 100% Germination

“Excellent Germination Rate: Most of the seeds germinated. Five stars.”
– Robert S.

“Five Stars: 
All germinated!” – Shane O.

Green Chile Seeds - growing in Japan★★★★★
“Good germination rate and happy with results so far. The seeds sprouted easily and only one of the of the sixteen sections did not have the seeds sprout. 
I used a germination station with a heat mat and humidity dome. Within a week or so the seeds sprouted.

The picture is around 18 days. I planted cilantro at the same time and those plants are growing much quicker. Green chiles seem to grow a little slower, but I am just happy they're sprouting. I have grown cilantro before, but this is a first for green chile. 

Update--We got great crops from the seeds. We live in Japan, and they do not sell this type of green chile here. It has been so nice to make green chile sauce in my home with Hatch Green Chile.” – Cecilia

Seed Reviews - Sandia Seed is the best Pepper Seed Company
“100 percent germination. I have been trying to find hatch Chile seeds in AZ and have had a hard time till I found these. I planted them per directions in 16oz red solo cups on a heated mat set to 82 degrees. For a light I used a 45 watt LED and after less than 6 days all seeds have germinated and I am pleasantly surprised.” – Matthew & Derreth M.


“Five Stars: Came our really good-had hail damage -came back stronger.” – James


“Great seeds and service, will buy from them again!”– Jeff A.

Garden Plot

“I ordered a number of different types of Chile peppers this year from Sandia. They filled my order quickly, and some of the seeds germinated in only three days! (Usually superhots take up to three weeks to germinate.)

I'll definitely be telling my friends about your company, and will be coming back again. Thanks for all you do!” – Laura H.

“Customer service is above and beyond! They've earned a lifetime customer. A little taste of our home in NM coming from tiny seeds. Thanks Sandia!” – Jeannie M.

“I got seed from [Sandia Seed] for a lot of NuMex varieties, and it all grew true. They're also easier to deal with then the University of New Mexico when it comes to buying seeds. My Chimayo's this year came from them.” – Stickman

“We bought some seeds and they arrived really fast. We followed the grow instructions included and had a huge garden with Bell Mini Orange peppers, Poblano peppers, the Bush Early girl tomatoes. We cooked something from the garden all summer. Great company and will buy again.” – Chilehead74, Phoenix, AZ


Seed Reviews – Sandia Seed Company here is a picture of your green chile seeds growing in Minnesota!!

“Sandia Seed Company here is a picture of your green chile seeds growing in Minnesota!!” (shown above) – Vicki J.




Thanks again to all of you happy seed growers for your seed reviews! We really appreciate it, and it helps our small seed company succeed. We sure do enjoy sharing the love of chile peppers to gardeners around the world!

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Thank you!
~ Patsy Coles, owner of Sandia Seed