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Habanada No-Heat Habanero Seeds

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A sweet habanero pepper with crisp, thin skin and an exotic, floral flavor. Enjoy the bright tropical sweetness of this pepper without even a hint of heat. The Habanada was developed by Michael Mazourek of Cornell University as the first heatless habanero and was released in 2015. The 3” orange pods grow on 24-36” tall plants that produce fruit all summer long. If you like the flavor of habaneros try adding a few of the Habanada peppers to your habanero hot sauce. The flavor will have more depth and be incredible without adding additional heat. 

Growing Tip: The Habanada pepper seeds prefer to germinate in really warm temperatures. Start seeds indoors 8 weeks before the future transplant date and keep the heat mat thermostat at 85-90 degrees F. Sow the seeds 1/4” deep in seedling mix. Keep the soil moist, provide bright light above and bottom heat below. Germination can take 14-28 days.

  • Capsicum chinense (100 days)
  • Heat Level: Sweet   Scoville: 0
  • Open-pollinated/Non- GMO                             
  • Packet contains 10 seeds. $3.99

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All of our seeds are GMO-free.

Customer Reviews

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Great habanero taste

Great for "watering" down the heat of habaneros, I use a couple of these and one regular orange habanero in a big batch of salsa for tons of habanero flavor but not as much heat. I don't know what it is about habaneros, they have the best flavor to pair with salsas and hot sauces I think.