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We accept Paypal and Credit Cards.

A Paypal account is not necessary to place an order, if you wish to pay with a credit card proceed to the Checkout button, on the left you will see “Don’t have a Paypal account?” click the ‘continue’ link to enter your shipping and credit card information.

United States Shipping: $3.95 for orders below $100.00 $5.95 for orders above $100.00 

International Shipping:Canada $6.95

Other countries that allow seed to be shipped from U.S.  Calculated at checkout.

Seed Germination Guarantee

Replacement seeds or a seed refund.

Sandia Seed makes every effort possible to ensure your success. It starts with our quality seeds. All our seeds are select grade and germination must be above 85% before they are accepted as Sandia Seed Quality. Here is a quick overview for success. 1. Seedling mix, never peat, cover seed 1/4". 2. Moist at all times, can’t dry out once, seed will die. 3. Warm at all times, if they get cold the clock starts over. 4. Patience, don't compare peppers to any other vegetable germination times. 

Pepper seeds only germinate when it is warm, because they want to complete their life-cycle and produce fruit. There is no reason for them to start growing when it is cold or dry. Each pepper variety takes a different amount of time to germinate. It can be 7 days or it can be over 45 days. More info at

If, you have followed our instructions, and still do not get your seeds to germinate, please contact with Attn: Master Horticulturist in the subject line and attach this completed Low Germination Report document to your email. We will go over your germination procedure and find a solution for you. Replacement seeds or a seed refund.

Terms of Online Retail Sales

Our goal is to have you become a returning customer and refer us to others, and to grow a lot of peppers and tomatoes! 

When you place an order it is subject to availability and dispatch times may vary according to availability. 

You must supply a good shipping address. We ship quickly and sometimes as soon as the order is received. It is important to have all your info correct. If seeds are ‘returned to sender’ we will only refund the seed cost and not the shipping. All orders are subject to any delays resulting from postal delays or force majeure for which we will not be responsible.  

We sell great quality seeds and if you have inquiries about germinating seeds, we will do everything possible to help you be successful. We have great customer service and will make every attempt to make your purchase a good experience.

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