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Basil Genovese Seeds

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Basil Genovese is a sweet basil with large shiny leaves. It has a delicious flavor and aroma. It is a favorite herb for containers or gardens. Grows well in warm weather.

Basil seeds can be planted outdoors.

Sow seeds after the last frost date.

Plant seeds 1/4" deep and thin them to 12-18" apart. Water and trim often to delay blooming.  Seeds should come up in 7-14 days.  

Plant in a sunny location with well-draining soil. Water seeds frequently and keep moist until they germinate. 

Each packet contains 200 Basil Genovese seeds. Ocimum basilicum. Annual. Open-pollinated, heirloom, non-GMO. Harvest in 55 days. $3.00

This packet plants a 40' row.

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Genovese basil is a preferred variety of sweet basil, not only because of its large, sweet leaves, but it is also slow to bolt in extreme heat and does not become bitter with age. Like other basil varieties, Genovese basil plants prefer a site with rich, fertile soil and at least six hours of sunlight each day. It is best to create a nutrient-rich bed for basil plants than to plant them in poor soil and rely on fertilizers to feed them. Fertilizers can negatively affect the flavor, scent, and potency of basil plants.


Fresh or dried, basil leaves are an essential ingredient in many Italian, Greek, and Asian dishes. If you love to make fresh from the garden pesto or caprese salad this is a great basil to have growing in your garden.


As a medicinal herb, sweet basil is used to treat digestion and liver problems, to detoxify the body, as a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant, to treat headaches and migraines, and also for wound care and to treat skin conditions. Sweet basil is an ingredient in many natural beauty products. It is also grown for its many culinary uses.

More Information about planting, growing, and harvesting beets can be found in the Farmer's Almanac Growing Guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
This Basil is great for growing in front of a window in the winter!

I started these in a sunny window on my desk, and they are growing great, I can pluck a few leaves off for topping pastas or pizza. Easy to grow. I plan on starting more basil plants in the early spring to plant outside. But for now their cheerful green leaves are a nice site in the heart of winter. :)

Aaron Simpson
Wonderful Basil Seeds

Great addition to any herb garden!

Niki F.
Amazing flavor, easy to grow!

I absolutely love this Basil! It smells heavenly, and made some amazing batches of spicy pesto. I like to make Hatch Chile pesto with some roasted chile, basil, olive oil and walnuts. It's amazing! The plants also look beautiful in pots and in my garden, I plant it where ever I can so we can enjoy lots of fresh basil all summer. The more you prune it, the more basil you get!

Debbie Ricards
Great Basil

My husband received a pack of these seeds from a friend last year. He tried them out and they produced some of he best basil we have ever eaten. Highly recommend!!