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Habanero & Green Tomato Salsa Recipe

Canned Habanero & Green Tomato Salsa /Sauce Recipe

This is a delicious way to use up all your
unripe, green tomatoes before the first frost of winter.
Don't throw them away! This makes for a great sauce for enchiladas, casseroles and burritos! 

Note: you can also make this fresh, and cut down on the lime juice if you're not canning it. The lime juice helps keep it shelf-stable after canning. 

Bring water to a boil in your large pot or canner. Simmer the clean jars until ready for use.  Wash lids in warm soapy water, then set aside with the bands. 

We core the tomatoes, cut off the stems of the peppers, then in batches, we throw the tomatoes and peppers along with the salt, pepper, garlic and cilantro in our food processor and blend until fairly smooth. You could also instead chop your tomatoes to desired thicker consistency if desired. Then we pour all of the batches of pureed veggies (excluding onion) into the pot to bring to a boil. Stir in the cumin, salt and pepper.  Reduce heat and simmer 5-10 minutes.

Take jars out of simmering water, place on a towel-lined counter near the canner. Add lime juice to each jar (4 Tablespoons per Pint, 8 Tablespoons per Quart) - this gives it enough acidity to preserve it.  Depending on how many tomatoes and peppers you used, this could make anywhere from 6 pints to 20 pints of salsa. That's why it's nice to just measure the lime juice on a per jar basis. 

Then spoon or ladle the hot salsa into the jars, leaving a half inch of headspace. Remove air bubbles by agitating with a butter knife or small spatula, then wipe rim clean. In the meantime, put lids in hot water for a minute or so, then place on top of each jar, screw each band on to fingertip tight. Put jars back in boiling water and process for 20 minutes (adjust for altitude). Remove the jars, place on a towel lined counter and leave them for 24 hours. Remove the bands and check lids for seal with your fingers, and check to make sure the lid doesn't flex up and down if pressed. If sealed, store in a dark dry place, unstacked, and use within a year. 

Recipe Tips:

When cutting hot peppers, make sure to wear gloves or be careful not to touch the insides of the peppers. That's why we like to use a food processor! 

You also don't have to Can this salsa (boil in jars), you could just boil the sauce for 10 minutes, then let cool, put in a glass dish and refrigerate for eating within a few days. 

This also makes a great Enchilada sauce! 

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