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Sandia Seed Company

Food Garden - 20 Vegetable Seed Packets

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A food garden custom-made with seeds for vegetables and edible flowers. 

The Food Garden - Seed Collection is designed as a gift. A one-of-a-kind item that will certainly be appreciated by everyone who receives it. Some of the recipients could be maybe a new gardener, a foodie, an organic farmer, a prepper, a fresh-market produce seller, a person desiring to become more self-reliant, or needless to say yourself! 

This collection contains 20 packets of the easiest-to-grow vegetables. One each of the following varieties: Beet 'Detroit Dark', Bell Pepper 'YOLO', Broccoli 'Waltham 29', Carrot 'Danver's', Cayenne 'Long Slim', Corn 'Golden Bantam', Cucumber 'Spacemaster 80', Eggplant 'Black Beauty', Green Pole Bean 'Kentucky', Lettuce 'Little Gem', Marigold 'Sparky Mix', Muskmelon/Cantaloupe Hales Jumbo, Okra 'Clemson Spineless', Onion 'White Lisbon', Pea 'Sugar Snap', Radish 'Cherry Belle', Summer Squash 'Black Beauty' Squash Winter 'Spaghetti',  Tomato 'Large Red Cherry', and Watermelon 'Sugar Baby'.

These dependable vegetables can be used to grow a year's worth of food at home. 

Also included is a Garden Instruction Sheet packed with useful information and a Natural Cotton Tote Bag. The complete collection is rolled up in the tote bag.

Garden Design Tips

A Sample Planting Map for a 12' x 12' Garden Plot is on the back of the garden instruction sheet. It considers the garden orientation relative to the sun, the size of each plant, and companion planting. You can use this as a starting point to layout any size garden. In addition to the traditional garden, there are many other garden designs to consider including raised beds, vertical farming, and edible front yards. 


A bonus section with Seed Planting Dates is on the instruction sheet. It explains when to plant seeds using a total of five dates that are spread throughout the spring. Simply find the average frost-free date for your area and line it up with the planting dates provided. This is a valuable feature for better growing and harvesting results.


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