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Sandia Seed

3 Pack - Ghost Pepper, Reaper & Moruga Seeds 15% Off

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Bhut jolokia / Ghost - Dangerously Hot! Scoville: 1,041,427

Carolina Reaper - Stupid Hot! Scoville: 1,569,300

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion-Insanely Hot! SHU: 2,000,000

This is the perfect collection for any chile head. Harvest hundreds of super hot peppers this season for your killer hot sauce or sell them at a fresh market. This 3 Pack includes one packet each of the following: 

Bhut jolokia has 3" long red pods, 36" tall plants and 110 days until harvest after planting outdoors.

Carolina Reaper has 2-1/2" pods with tails, 4'-5' tall plants and 90 days until harvest after planting outdoors.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion has 2-1/2" round wrinkled pods, 36" tall plants and 120 days until harvest after planting outdoors.

Click the links on each pepper name to see additional information.

Start your peppers early indoors so they develop good root systems before transplanting into warm garden soil. 

Choose add to cart as a 3 Pack because purchasing these individually will not generate 15% off in your cart.

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