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3 Pack - Jalapeño M, Serrano Tampiqueno & Fresno Seeds 15% Off

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Jalapeño M - Great-tasting pepper with that addictive heat for all your jalapeño needs. Scoville 12,000

Serrano Tampiqueño - A little pepper with a unique hot flavor all its own. Scoville 15,000-25,000

Fresno - Thinner walls and often milder heat than jalapeño. It can be used in most recipes calling for jalapeño or serrano peppers. Scoville: 5,000

This is a great collection of seeds to grow if you love Mexican food. Walk outside into the garden and harvest Jalapeños for pizza, Serranos for pico de Gallo and Fresnos for a pickle relish. These are some of the easiest peppers to grow and they do well in container gardens, too. 

This 3 Pack includes one packet each of the following: 

Jalapeño M - Large peppers 3-1/2" long and 1-1/2" wide grow on 36" plants and 73 days until harvest after planting outdoors.

Serrano Tampiqueño - Small 2-1/4" peppers grow on 24" tall plants and 78 days until harvest after planting outdoors.

Fresno - Bright red 2” long and 1“ wide conical-shaped peppers. They grow on 30" tall plants and 70 days until harvest after planting outdoors.

All 3 varieties produce an abundance of peppers all season long.

Click the links on each pepper name to see additional information.

Start your peppers early indoors so they develop good root systems before transplanting outdoors into warm garden soil. 

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