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Sandia Seed

Cool-Season Vegetable Bundle with 7 Seed Packets

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For the gardener that just can't wait to start planting in the spring! Is that you? 

All seven of these vegetables can be planted early and before the last average frost date in spring. It includes 1 seed packet each of Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Lettuce, Pea, and Spinach for a total of 7 packets. 

With more than 1,200 seeds you will be able to plant a 150 ft. long row that will provide fresh nutritious vegetables to feed a family of four or to sell at a fresh produce market.

If that is way too much food at one time, simply plant a 15-foot row using the seed spacing information provided on the packet. Then plant more seeds every few weeks for a staggered harvest throughout the season. Any remaining seeds can be stored for next year in a sealed glass jar. 

The GetReal Grow Food seed selections are the easiest varieties to grow from each vegetable category. They are all delicious and familiar choices that are usually at the grocery store. 

Get real and grow food.


Customer Reviews

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Great for my spring Garden

I love this set of seeds, it's perfect for my early spring garden that I am starting in my cold frame. Lettuce season is here! ūüėäūüĆĪ

Doug F.
Starting these now with the Winter Sowing Method!

Thanks for your Winter Sowing information, I'm so excited to start these vegetables now in some recycled milk jugs to get them growing strong to transplant in early spring. I'll wait to plant the radishes and direct sow those. Glad to add some cool season veggies to my garden this year, rather than just waiting for the peppers and tomatoes to arrive! :)

Great for my cold frame!

I'm growing all of these varieties in my cold frame in Colorado, we get a ton of hail here in the spring so it's great to have protection for my seedlings and to grow lettuces, green onions, spinach, beets and other cool weather veggies all year-long. Thanks for this great set of seeds!