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Sandia Seed

Warm-Season Vegetable Bundle with 7 Seed Packets

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For the gardener that likes to start planting when it's warm outside! Is that you? 

All seven of these vegetables can be planted after the last average frost date and as many as 90 days after that date. (Example April 15th thru July 15th)

This bundle includes 1 seed packet of Corn, Cucumber, Green Bean, Muskmelon, Summer Squash, Sunflower, and Watermelon. For a total of 7 packets. 

With more than 375 seeds you will be able to plant a big garden that will provide fresh nutritious vegetables to feed a family or to sell at a fresh produce market.

If that is way too much to harvest at one time, the extra seeds can be stored for next year in a sealed glass jar. 

The GetReal Grow Food seed selections are the easiest varieties to grow from each vegetable category. They are all delicious and familiar choices that are usually at the grocery store. 

Get real and grow food.