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Chef's 3-Pack: Padron, Paprika and Pepperoncini Seeds - 15% Off

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This is a flavorful pepper collection with some of our customer favorites! Perfect for chefs and gourmet gardeners, these three peppers will spice up any kitchen. Fresh homegrown Paprika is delicious in dishes, Padron peppers are highly sought after by chefs for their mild flesh and rich flavor, and Pepperoncinis are wonderful for pickling or when used fresh in recipes like pizza sauce. Grow your own gourmet peppers in your garden. 

This 3 Pack includes one packet each of the following: 

Paprika - is easy to grow and wonderful when dried and made into a powder for flavoring foods. There is nothing that compares to fresh Paprika powder.

Padron - Gourmet gardeners will love growing this famous Spanish heirloom. They are prized for their sweet mild flesh and rich flavor, and make delicious pop in your mouth appetizers. Most will taste sweet, but one may be very spicy!

Pepperoncini Golden Greek - This is the Greek pepper most commonly found pickled and in salad bars or sandwich shops. It is also much sweeter than the Italian variety.

Click the links on each pepper name to see additional information.

Start your peppers early indoors so they develop good root systems before transplanting outdoors into warm garden soil. 

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