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Three Sisters Garden 3-Pack: Corn, Pole Bean and Squash Seeds - 15% Off

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The Three Sisters of Native American garden with corn, beans, and squash, is an ancient companion plant trio used by various tribes throughout North America. This system of companion planting allows the three different plants to help each other by maximizing growing conditions for one another. The corn, tall and firm, grows in the center of a circular bed and serves as a support for climbing pole beans. The beans fix nitrogen in the soil, important for nitrogen-loving, heavy-feeding corn. The squash surrounds the corn and beans and covers the ground, serving to hold moisture in the soil.

This 3 Pack includes one packet each of the following: 

Corn - Golden Bantam corn is an open-pollinated corn with wonderful flavor on small yellow ears.

Pole Bean - Kentucky Blue is prized for its great flavor and cold hardiness.

Squash- Early Prolific Yellow Straightneck Summer Squash is a popular heirloom that is easy to grow and produces large yields all summer.

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Start your Three Sisters Garden when the spring garden soil is warm. Plant the corn first by placing 6 seeds 10" apart on top of a raised mound of soil about 5 ft in diameter. Let the corn sprout and grow about 6"-12" tall. Next plant 4 Bean seeds 12" farther out from the corn stalks and evenly spaced apart. After the beans sprout in a week, plant 6 Squash seeds 18" further out around the diameter.   

There are variations to the Three Sisters method, but the idea is to plant the sisters in clusters on low wide mounds rather than in a single traditional row.

This vegetable trio has sustained the Native Americans both physically and spiritually for many centuries. In legend, the plants were a gift from the gods, always to be grown together, eaten together, and celebrated together.

Each of the sisters contributes something to the planting. Together, the sisters provide a balanced diet from a single planting.

As older sisters often do, the corn offers the beans necessary support.
The pole beans, the giving sister, pull nitrogen from the air and bring it to the soil for the benefit of all three.
As the beans grow through the tangle of squash vines and wind their way up the cornstalks into the sunlight, they hold the sisters close together.
The large leaves of the sprawling squash protect the threesome by creating living mulch that shades the soil, keeping it cool and moist and preventing weeds.

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