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Pepper Pickler 6-Pack - 15% off

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The Pepper Pickler 6-pack price is 15% off at $13.97 compared to purchasing each packet separately at retail $16.44.

Here is a great selection for everyone who loves pickled peppers. We've included sweet, mild, and hot peppers to create a wide selection of pickled peppers this season. Two additional great features of this 6-Pack are they all do great in containers and are easy to grow.

                                                                                            Scoville Heat Units

Sweet Banana     Sweet and crunchy yellow peppers.            Sweet 0-500 
Pepperoncini       Sweet and tangy with a touch of heat.       Sweet 100-500 
Hot Red Cherry   A great choice for hot pepper relish.    Medium 3,000-5,000 
Hot Hungarian¬† ¬† Spicy banana-shaped wax peppers.¬† ¬† ¬†Hot 5,000 ‚Äď 10,000¬†
Jalapeno Early     Ideal for short seasons or cooler climates.   Very Hot 5,000-15,000 
Cayenne Ring of Fire   An early and very productive variety.   Extra Hot 50,000 

All of these peppers can be used to make home-canned pickled peppers. The best-pickled products begin with thick-fleshed peppers with firm waxy skins, a bright glossy color, and are free from defects.

For a vegetable-pepper pickled blend select fresh, tender but firm vegetables. Varieties of vegetables to add include Carrots, Cucumbers, Onions, and Radishes, etc. If the vegetables and peppers cannot be canned within one or two hours after harvesting, refrigerate without washing. Thoroughly wash all vegetables in cold water before pickling.

 Click the links on each pepper name to see additional information.

Start your peppers early indoors to develop good root systems before transplanting them outdoors into warm garden soil.