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Patio Colors Pepper 6-Pack Seeds - Brilliant Purple, Yellow, Orange and Pastels - 15% off

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The Patio Colors Pepper 6-pack sampler price is 15% off at $19.07 compared to purchasing each packet separately at retail $22.44.

Here is a beautiful collection of our most colorful pepper plants. There are so many ways to decorate your outdoor oasis with this collection. Some ideas include creating a breathtaking container garden on your patio or growing a brilliant border in your front yard. Be sure to start your pepper seeds inside and then transplant them outdoors when nighttime temperatures warm up.   

Bulgarian Carrot    Beautiful bright orange peppers in the shape of small carrots.  Very Hot 12,000

Easter Ornamental   A spectrum of pastel colored peppers at the tops of the branches. Heat is unknown 

Twilight NuMex     Bright colored peppers with lasting colors. Heat is unknown.

Bolivian Rainbow   Brilliant colored peppers on small small plants. Impressive in containers. Very Hot 30,000 

Patio Fire & Ice   Pointy upright peppers in red, orange, and yellow resembling flames. Medium Heat 5,000 

Cayenne Purple¬† ¬†Long slender purple cayenne peppers that mature further to red. Very Hot 30,000 ‚Äď 50,000¬†

All ornamental peppers are edible. However, they have become popular because of their colors and not their flavor.

More Ornamental peppers can be found here. 

Click the links on each pepper name to see additional information.

Start your peppers early indoors to develop good root systems before transplanting them outdoors into warm garden soil. 






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