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Ornamental Pepper Recipes

Ornamental Pepper Recipes

Can you eat your ornamental peppers?
Of course you can! They are usually quite hot, so add them with caution, add a little a time and taste-test your recipe until you get to the desired heat. Ornamental peppers are usually quite a bit hotter than your average Jalapeño, so unless you like it wicked hot, add in small doses until it's just right.

Here are some of our favorite salsa recipes to use up your ornamental pepper harvest at the end of the season: 

Ornamental Pepper Recipe for Salsa

Ornamental Peppers Salsa Recipes:
Add ornamental peppers to any of these recipes, combining them with other hot peppers can really spice your salsa up! 

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Ornamental Peppers for Pickles

Ornamental Pepper Pickles Recipes:
Ornamental peppers are great for spicing up a jar of pickles! Try any of these recipes and just swap in some ornamental peppers for the heat.
Jalapeno Pickles Recipe »
Pickled Jalapenos Recipe »
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Ornamental Peppers Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe
Ornamental Peppers Hot Sauce Recipes:
Ornamental peppers are great for making hot sauce. You can combine ornamental peppers with any other peppers for a more complex flavored hot sauce.
Fermentation Crock Hot Sauce Recipe »
No-Salt Hot Sauce Recipe »
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Ornamental Pepper Seeds

Beautify your garden with Ornamental Peppers!
They're great in pots and containers, and also to use as colorful borders along your garden beds. The best part is that you can enjoy the beautiful show all season, and then you can use these hot peppers to flavor recipes with some heat!