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Simple Pickled Banana Peppers Recipe

Simple Banana Peppers Recipe

Simple Pickled Banana Peppers Recipe

Growing some of our delicious Sweet Banana Pepper seeds or any of our other Wax Peppers? Use this recipe for a simple way to store them a little longer, though they still never last long in our fridge! We like to add some Jalapeños or other hot peppers for heat. :)  

Yield: 1-2 Jars

1 pound Sweet Banana Peppers, washed and sliced. You can also use other Wax Peppers such as our sweet Sweet Hungarian Wax Peppers or our spicy Hot Hungarian Wax Peppers in this recipe.

2-4 Jalapeños or other Hot Peppers (optional for added heat, white, yellow and orange peppers look pretty with banana peppers, such as Cascabellas, or even super hot peppers if you want to really spice them up!)



2-3 Cloves of Garlic, smashed and peeled

3 cups Distilled White Vinegar

2 cups Water

2 tablespoons Kosher or Pickling Salt (no iodine)

1/2 tablespoon Sugar

Sprinkle of Turmeric (for color, optional, gives them a nice golden glow)


Boil the vinegar, water, salt, turmeric (optional), and sugar in a pot, stirring to dissolve. 

Slice the banana peppers, wax peppers or other hot peppers, peel garlic, and put into clean disinfected jars (boil jars to disinfect). Use a spoon to ladle vinegar water mixture over peppers. 

Put lid on top, let cool, put in refrigerator for up to 1-2 months.


We think these are best as refrigerator pickles, as they're super crisp – but if you have a ton of them but not enough room in your fridge, then you may also can them, see instructions below. 

Spicy Pickled Banana Peppers Recipe
are spicy and a great addition to pickled Banana Peppers!
Did you know these are the peppers Mezzetta™ uses in their Hot Chili Peppers (those jars of spicy yellow pickled peppers)?


If desired, you can also can these peppers for a longer shelf life, make sure to boil the jars and lids for 5-8 minutes, clean tops of lids, run a knife around the peppers to dislodge any air bubbles, leaving 1/2" of space at top. Wipe clean the lip of jars with a damp cloth, Put new lids on (clean lips of jars), screw on lid bands (not too tight), then boil for 15 minutes (20 mins if you're higher altitude). Remove carefully, let jars cool, the lids should "pop" after cooling meaning they are sealed and ready for storing for 6 months to a year. Remove the lid canning bands when storing. Don't stack jars, keep in a cool, dark place such as a basement.

Best Banana Pepper Seeds

Grow your own peppers, and get into pickling!

We love peppers at Sandia Seed! Peppers are perfect for pickling. We carry a huge assortment of peppers, including super hot pepper seeds like Tombstone Ghost Pepper seeds and Carolina Reaper seeds which grow into wickedly hot peppers that are great for making hot sauces (make sure to check out our hot sauce recipe). We also specialize in Hatch Chile seeds so you can grow your own Hatch chile wherever you are (learn more what makes a Hatch chile Hatch here), and we also carry sweet peppers like the famous Shishito seeds, or our beautiful Purple Beauty Bell Pepper seeds. We also carry Heirloom tomatoes that pair nicely with all of our peppers. 


Pickled Banana Peppers Recipe- Finished Jar