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Chili Seeds

Chili Seeds

Sandia Seed has the best chili seeds from around the world!

We specialize in New Mexico Hatch Chile seed varieties including Green Chile seeds and Red Chile seeds. If you haven't had New Mexican green chile, you're missing out! While technically you have to grow these green chiles in the Hatch region of New Mexico to call them "Hatch chiles," we still think they taste amazing wherever they are grown, from California to Florida to Japan and beyond! Check out these farmers growing green chile seeds in Japan »

Chili Seeds Harvest

Growing Chili Seeds

It's easy to grow chili seeds where ever you live in the world. If you can grow tomatoes, basil and other vegetables, you can also grow chiles! The trick is to keep their seeds moist and warm (80-90˚ F) for good germination. Chili plants are relatively easy to care for, just make sure you have them in full sun with well-draining soil, and that you don't overwater them! We also think adding homemade compost is really beneficial to keep the soil fertile.

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Mild & Sweet Chili Seeds

If spicy is not for you, that doesn't mean you can't grow chili seeds! We have some super delicious sweet and mild chili peppers in a range of colors that you can grow in your garden. Check out our Mild Chili Peppers »

Chili Seeds

Hot Chili Seeds
Hot Chili Seeds

We also carry chili seeds from all over the world including super hot chili seeds like our Carolina Reaper Seeds, (also be sure to checkout the Yellow Carolina Reaper Seeds), Bhut Jolokia Seeds in several colors including Purple Bhut Jolokia SeedsYellow Brain Strain Seeds from Trinidad which have a pineapple-like fruity taste and a whole lot of heat, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion seeds, and so many more. Make sure to check out our hot chili seeds collection »


We also have Rare Chili Pepper Seeds from around the world that you can grow in your garden. Make sure to checkout the colorful rare pepper seeds we carry.

Discount Chili Seeds

If you're looking for Chili Seed Discounts, make sure to check out our Seed Discounts page that features all of our seeds that are great for small budgets.  

Ornamental chili seeds

Ornamental Chili Seeds:

Peppers are also quite beautiful plants in the garden, and many varieties, while still edible, are also considered ornamental peppersOne of our favorite ornamental chilis is the NuMex Twilight Pepper – which has dainty bright purple peppers that point upward and ripen to a rainbow of colors: they start out as bright purple fruits that ripen to yellow, orange, then red.

Below is a harvest photo of some ornamental chilis grown from our Goat Horn Seeds and our Purple Bhut Jolokia seeds.

Chili Seeds – Harvest of Purple Bhut Jolokias and Goat Horn Peppers

Jalapeno Seeds

Jalapeño Seeds

If you like growing Chili seeds, you are also likely to love Jalapeños like us! But did you know they come in a varieity of colors like Yellow Jalapeno Seeds and Orange Jalapeño Seeds? They are quite beautiful and tasty when used in salsas, Jalapeño poppers, and other recipes. We also have a wide selection of different colors of Jalapeño Seeds.

Check out this chili seed harvest below – it's amazing all the different colored chili seeds you can grow!

Chili Seeds - Harvest of color!