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Rare Pepper Seeds

Rare Pepper Seeds

Sandia Seed carries a lot of rare pepper seeds from around the world, we love spreading the love of chile peppers to gardeners everywhere. In fact, that is why we started this business, Patsy LOVES Hatch chile, as most do, but found that it was hard to find a source of seed packets of Hatch chile varieties. And that is how Sandia Seed was born. Over the past ten years, we have started offering more and more pepper seeds from around the world. It's amazing the variety of flavors, heat, and colors that peppers come in!

Below are some of our Rare Pepper Seeds that can be hard to find: 
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about each variety of our rare pepper seeds)

Biquinho Yellow Pepper Seeds

Biquinho Pepper Seeds

The Biquinho is a rare pepper is crunchy and juicy with a mix of tropical flavors that are described as citrus and fruity with slightly smoky tones. Biquinho peppers can be eaten raw or cooked, but are generally pickled in vinegar and served with meals. Also called Sweety Drops, these Biquinho peppers are delicious in this simple Pickled Sweety Drop Peppers Recipe. These peppers are quite popular in Brazil, where they originated. The small 24” plant can produce hundreds of peppers so they make a charming patio pot or highlight in your vegetable garden.

Rare Pepper - Aleppo seeds

Aleppo Pepper Seeds

Not necessarily rare over in the Mediterranean, Aleppo peppers are rarely found growing in the states and you won't find these growing at your local nursery. The Aleppo pepper is a delicious pepper that is often used for chile flakes in Mediterranean cuisine. This beautiful pepper has a deep red color, rich fruity undertones and an aromatic flavor. It is popular around the world as an alternative to crushed red pepper flakes and paprika powder. It also makes a delicious Aleppo spice mix. This is a delicious and unusual pepper to grow in your garden that will become a staple in your kitchen.

Rare Peppers - Purple Cayenne Pepper

Purple Cayenne Seeds

This unusual purple variant of the popular cayenne pepper even has a little more flavor than the red variety! Perfect for salsas, making into powders or pepper flakes, these rare peppers change color from light green to dark purple and finally deep red when fully mature. The beautiful 18-20” tall plants produce many peppers and grow well in containers. These are great colorful edible peppers for pots on your sunny patio and will likely get lots of attention.

Rare Pepper Seeds - Corno di Toro-Giallo

Corno Di Toro Giallo Pepper

Another unusual pepper to grow in your garden that you'll rarely find in US garden nurseries is the Corno Di Toro Giallo pepper. This heirloom Italian sweet frying pepper variety is nicknamed the "bull's horn" for its distinctive horn shape. These yellow peppers are terrific used fresh in salads and are traditionally fried to bring out the best of their wonderful, sweet flavor. Beautiful color, these are sure to shine in your garden of unusual and rare vegetables!

Rare Pepper Seeds - Hot Portugal pepper

Hot Portugal Pepper

This pepper is large and hot and another unique variety to grow in your vegetable garden. Hot Portugal chile peppers have a subtle, sweet flavor mixed with a moderate to hot level of spice that lingers on the palate. These seeds were originally offered in 1935 by Joseph Harris & Co. of Rochester, New York, who reported, “If you want a large hot pepper, you should try the new Hot Portugal. The best hot pepper we know.”

Rare Pepper - Jalapeño Jaloro

Jalapeño Jaloro Pepper Seeds

You mostly see green jalapenos that will turn red. So this pale golden yellow colored Jalapeno is sure to shine in your rare vegetable garden! This was the first jalapeño developed that is golden yellow. Oro means gold in Spanish, hence the name. This one has 5,000 Scovilles of heat, so they are similar to the other jalapenos just with a beautiful unusual gold color! Very fast growing, you can start harvesting these golden jalapenos in about 65 days.

We also have another much hotter unusual yellow Jalapeno...

Rare pepper seeds - Yellow Jalapeno

Yellow Jalapeño Seeds

NuMex Jalapeño Lemon Spice  - This fast growing unusual yellow jalapeño ripens as early as 65 days after germinating – which means you can enjoy these yellow gems earlier than most other peppers! Because of their extra heat of 30,000 Scovilles, these make wickedly good jalapeno poppers. their bright yellow color when ripe makes them easy to see when they're ready! Very productive plants, great in containers, too!

Rare Pepper Seeds - Piquillo Pepper Seeds

Piquillo Pepper Seeds
You usually only see the Spanish Piquillo pepper marinated in a jar, you won't find fresh Piquillos as your local grocery market! Even the jarred piquillos are hard to find. This sweet pepper with just a small amount of smoky heat  received a European PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) and cannot be commercially grown outside its Navarra, Spain region. That means, these are rare peppers and are hard to find! Grow some in your own garden for a special treat, they are great roasted, stuffed, marinated or pickled.

We add more rare pepper seed varieties all the time, so check out our website seed collections for our latest seed offerings for super hot pepper seeds, hot pepper seeds, Hatch chile seeds, and sweet pepper seeds.