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Rare Pepper Seeds

Rare Pepper Seeds

Sandia Seed carries a lot of rare pepper seeds from around the world, we love spreading the love of chile peppers to gardeners everywhere. In fact, that is why we started this business, Patsy LOVES Hatch chile, as most do, but found that it was hard to find a source of seed packets of Hatch chile varieties. And that is how Sandia Seed was born. Over the past ten years, we have started offering more and more pepper seeds from around the world. It's amazing the variety of flavors, heat, and colors that peppers come in!

Below are some of our Rare Pepper Seeds that can be hard to find: 
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about each variety of our rare pepper seeds)

Yellow Trinidad Scorpion Seeds
The Yellow Trinidad Scorpion is a rare and extremely hot pepper which originates from Trinidad. This CARDI (Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute) strain was created in an effort to standardize and improve the Yellow Scorpion Pepper for industry. Extremely hot, these rare hot peppers are delicious in hot sauces and salsas. 

Rare Pepper Seeds - Piquillo Pepper Seeds

Piquillo Pepper Seeds
You usually only see the Spanish Piquillo pepper marinated in a jar, you won't find fresh Piquillos as your local grocery market! Even the jarred piquillos are hard to find. This sweet pepper with just a small amount of smoky heat  received a European PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) and cannot be commercially grown outside its Navarra, Spain region. That means, these are rare peppers and are hard to find! Grow some in your own garden for a special treat, they are great roasted, stuffed, marinated or pickled.

Peruvian Lighting White Habanero
This very rare white habanero has creamy white lantern shaped pods. This pepper grows quickly and produces fruit in great numbers. One plant can produce hundreds of tiny fruits. Great for making white hot sauce!


Trinidad Douglah Seeds
Trinidad Douglah / Chocolate 7 Pot – This is the chocolate Version of Trinidad 7 Pot needs very warm temperatures for the fruit to fully mature. The Trinidad Douglah could be the next World’s Hottest Pepper with selective breeding techniques. It's a very rare pepper outside of a few Chilehead hobbyists. Worth growing for hot sauces and salsas! 

Purple Bhut Jolokia Seeds

Purple Bhut Jolokia Seeds
The Purple Bhut Jolokia is a very rare pepper, and has a nice sweet flavor with a good burn. A rare, natural variant of the red Bhut Jolokia, these beautiful purple peppers grow on bushy 30” tall plants. The pods start out purple with dull skin, then white/pale green and glossy, then turn deep purple and then red with dark blotches at maturity. The cool thing about growing this rare pepper are the purple flowers and purple tinged stems and leaves. Make sure to include this delicious, spicy, rare beauty in your salsa garden.

We add more rare pepper seed varieties all the time, so check out our website seed collections for our latest seed offerings for super hot pepper seeds, hot pepper seeds, Hatch chile seeds, and sweet pepper seeds.