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Mild Chile Peppers

Mild Green Chile Seeds

If you love spicy Hatch chiles such as Big Jims, but you are looking for a milder green chile to tame down the super hot chiles, or to make a milder chile that everyone in your family will enjoy, try growing our Anaheim seeds, which grow into productive plants with chiles that have 500-1,000 Scoville units, about half the heat of some of the milder Big Jims.

Or try our Mild Hatch Chiles which are also around 1,000 Scovilles. This Hatch Green Mild NM 6-4 has always been the standard for open-pollinated mild green chile. Pods are 6" long with thick fleshy walls and grow on 30” plants.  

Another great mild green chile tro try is our Heirloom Poblano chiles which are 500-1,000 Scovilles and tasty when roasted and for chile rellenos.

Try the growing the Chocolate Poblano which is is sweeter and ripens to a gorgeous rich chocolate brown. When dried, these Mulato chiles are an essential ingredient in authentic mole sauce. 

You could also grow sweet peppers such as the Giant Marconi to tame down the heat of the Anaheim or other spicier Hatch green chiles. Sometimes we mix in both sweet and spicy chiles to get more flavor and less heat!


Sweet Pepper Seeds

If you like mild chiles, make sure to check out all of our sweet pepper seeds, and grow a rainbow of flavor this year to add to your salads, recipes, salads, gazpacho, stews, and salsas: 

Sweet Pepper Seeds