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Green Chile Seeds Discounts

Seed Discounts

Looking for Seed Discounts or Promo Code for seeds? We are offering 15% off our most popular seeds in our new Discounted Pepper Seed 3-Packs.

If you're looking for Green Chile Seeds, Sandia Seed is your source! We offer a large variety of Hatch and Green Chile seeds that have been grown in the New Mexico Hatch region for centuries. Because of its great flavor, New Mexican green chiles have become more and more popular around the world. There's even a green chile shortage at the end of the summer where everyone is scrambling to find a chile roasting stand with some chiles left. If you grow your own, you'll have them through the end of the season! 

Hatch Chile Seeds - Deal on 3 Seed Packets

Green Chile Seeds Discount

We are now offering Green Chile Seeds 3 Packs discounted to 15% off, so that you can grow a variety of our most popular green chile peppers in your garden. Our Gren Chile Seeds 3 Pack includes the beloved Big Jim Legacy, a huge medium-hot chile that has thick flesh and is easy to roast and peel. The Chimayo chile is a medium-hot red chile that is often hung and dried in Ristras and evenually ground and made into chile powder. And the last pepper, the popular NuMex Sandia Select Green Chile has amazing hot flavor. This Green Chile Seeds 3-Pack is the perfect collection for any lover of New Mexican Chile, which is hard to find in many areas around the world. 

Here's another 3 Pack we offer with 3 different favorite green chiles including the Poblano Seeds, Jalapeño M Seeds, and Serrano Seeds:

Green Chile Seeds Discount - 3 Pack with Poblano Pepper Seeds

Wholesale Seeds
Are you a Garden Nursery and want to Offer Green Chile Seeds to your customers? We also offer Wholesale Seeds where you can get 50% off your first order of $300 or more in seeds using our Wholesale discount code. We also sell Seed Racks and have optional Seed Racks (purchased separately) to display one of our Wholesale seed collections. 

Green Chile seeds

Bulk Seeds
We also sell many of our most popular pepper seeds in bulk. If you're looking for bulk seeds so that you can grow on a farm, urban farm or large garden, we sell large quantities of seeds that can be used for larger growing operations or in community gardens.

Check out this harvest photo below from a gardener with a large garden 
growing Green Chile in Sheridan, Wyoming: 

Gren Chile Seeds grown in Montana

You don't have to be in New Mexico to enjoy great New Mexican cuisine grown in your own in your garden! our Green Chiles grow great in full sun wherever you can grow other vegetables like tomatoes. We also sell Heirloom Tomato Seeds which go GREAT with green chile!

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