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Growing Chile Seeds in Japan

Green Chile Seeds grown in Japan

We were excited to get these photos from one of our seed customers, Ryoichi A., in a small village of rural Osaka, Japan.

They have been growing our NuMex Heritage Big Jims and other chiles in their beautiful fields. They recently ordered our Aji Limo Lemon Drop Pepper seeds, Serrano Seeds, Poblano Seeds, Red Cherry Hot Seeds, Carolina Reaper Seeds (the hottest pepper in the world!), Tabasco SeedsNuMex Trick or Treat Habanero seeds (no heat), White Bhut Jolokia seeds, Peach Bhut Jolokia seeds, Yellow Jalapeno seeds, and Yellow Carolina Reaper seeds. Wow, we sure would love to see their pepper fields in person someday! For now, we can enjoy these gorgeous photos of their plants...

Green Chile Farm in Japan

Check out all of the photos of their beautiful fields in Osaka, Japan, it’s so wonderful to see people growing our New Mexican chiles around the world!

Ryoichi sent us all of these photos and sadly wrote that their fields were damaged by a typhoon last year. But this year, four farmers started growing our NM chiles, and they hope to get a lot more chile this year. We love the resilience of vegetable growers! Never give up!

Best wishes to Ryoichi and the other farmers growing chiles in Japan! 

Green Chiles grown from seed in Japan

NuMex Heritage Big Jim Grown in Japan

Big Jim Green Chillis grown from seed in Japan
Growing New Mexican Chiles in Japan from SeedGreen Chile in Japan
Japan Chile farm

Below are some new photos from July 2019 that  Amano Ryoichi just sent us! What a beautiful chile garden to grow our New Mexico chiles! Check out all the photos – we love that they're spreading the love of green chile in Japan!  Looks like they're doing it right.

Here's what Amano wrote:
“We got the first pick of Big Jim Legacy and Joe E Parker. We invited farmers and customers, and had a BBQ party yesterday. See their happy faces! it is not easy to grow, but we keep trying to introduce this great food to Japanese market.”

Growing Green Chile in Japan - Green chiles grown from seed!

Growing Green Chile in Japan - Green Chile Burgers

Growing Green Chile in Japan

Growing Green Chili  in Japan
Growing Green Chile in Japan
Growing Green Chile in Japan
Growing Green Chile in Japan - big Jims
Growing Green Chile in Japan
Growing Green Chile in Japan - BBQ
Growing Green Chile in Japan - Field of chiles grown from seed