Cheap Vegetable Seeds

Posted on 15 January 2019

Cheap Vegetable Seeds

Looking for cheap vegetable seeds? 

Check out our discounted seed 3-packs, with three of our most popular varieties. Our Chimayo, Big Jim & Sandia Select Green Chile Seeds 3-pack has 90 seeds total for just $6.35! Now that's a great deal, you can grow a huge plot of these famous New Mexican chiles in your backyard garden or urban farm for under $7.

Check out this Wyoming gardener's massive chile garden and harvest photos below – she grows a HUGE harvest of Big Jim green chiles every year to share with her friends and family in Sheridan and surrounding areas. Can you imaging how good her garage smells with that harvest? Click here or on the image to read more about her garden.

Cheap Vegetable Seeds

We also sell other Discounted 3-pack seeds!
Check out these other 3-packs below: 

Cheap Vegetable Seeds - 3 Pack of Discounted Seeds from

Above is another Discounted Hot Pepper Seeds 3-Pack we offer with 3 different favorite green chile seeds including Poblano Seeds, Jalapeño M Seeds, and Serrano Seeds – there are a total of 70 seeds total in this cheap vegetable seeds deal. These three varieties are some of our top-selling peppers due to their large harvests, that they are easy-to-grow varieties, and they are super tasty!
 Cheap Vegetable Seeds - Super Hot Pepper Seeds

Or, if you like it spicy, check out our discounted 3-pack of Super Hot Pepper seeds – you'll get three varieties of the most popular super hot peppers to grow – with 26 super hot pepper seeds for just $10.17. That's 15% off the regular prices. In this seed deal, you'll get 8 Carolina Reaper Seeds, which are the hottest peppers in the world. You'll also get the famous Bhut Jolokia Red Ghost pepper seeds, and the super wicked hot Trinidad Moruga Scorpion seeds. This is a great way to grow lots of super hot peppers in your garden without breaking the bank.

For more Cheap Vegetable Seeds ideas,

below are some of our seeds with 30 seeds per packet
to get the most bang for your buck:

We have a lot of seed packets with 30 seeds per pack as well throughout our website:
just check the description on each pepper variety. 

Cheap Vegetable Seeds – Bulk Seeds:
For even cheaper vegetable seeds, check out our Bulk Seeds which are really cost-effective for large plantings or farms.

Growing vegetables from seed is one of the cheapest ways to eat! Learn how to maximize the amount of seeds that germinate and other great tips for large harvests on our How to Grow Peppers page.

Whatever you choose, happy growing!

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