Can you Grow Green Chile in Wyoming?

Posted on 04 September 2018

Can you grow Green Chile in northern Wyoming? 

Yes, you can grow Green Chile in Wyoming. In fact, we have a customer in northern Wyoming who grows our Heritage Big Jim seeds in Sheridan, Wyoming with great success. Check out her photos she sent us, and her beautiful expansive chile garden. We're impressed! 

I hope that you get these photos. I started your Heritage Big Jim seed in a sunshed in mid March, planted around 600 to the garden!  As you see, we made quite a haul!  I do have a small chile roaster and many chile loving friends!  We really love the flavor of these Jims. I will be ordering from you again!  Thanks.”

~ Janette of Sheridan, Wyoming


Can you Grow Green Chile in Northern Wyoming?

So yes, of course you can grow Green Chiles like Big Jims and other Hatch chile seed varieties in Wyoming and around the world. So why not bring a little taste of New Mexico to your kitchen? They're easy to grow, and delicious when added to recipes – you can put green chile on everything from hamburgers to pizza to casseroles and chile stews. We have customers all over the globe growing our green chile seeds, everywhere from the deep south of the United States to England and beyond. 

A note on Growing Hatch Chile around the world:
Technically you can't call them "Hatch chiles" unless you grow them in the Hatch region in New Mexico, but don't worry, we think they still taste amazing where ever you grow them! 

Here are our biggest tips for growing chiles:
(no matter where you are in the world)

  1. Keep seeds warm (90˚ F) for fastest germination

  2. Start them early indoors until the temperatures outside have reached at least 60-70˚ F consistently (or grow some of our cold weather peppers)

  3. Don't overwater chile peppers!! All peppers hate wet feet, so make sure to let the soil dry between waterings

  4. Put them in full sun, the hotter the better!

  5. Read lots more of our best growing tips on our How to Grow Peppers page »

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