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Wholesale Seeds & Seed Displays
Wholesale Seeds for Retailers

Are you a local plant nursery, garden center, gift shop or local hardware store and you're looking for wholesale seeds for resale? Sandia Seed offers Wholesale Seeds for all of our 100+ pepper seeds from around the world, plus our favorite 44+ tomato seeds including lots of heirloom varieties from around the world, as well as some super easy-to-grow vegetable seeds. We specialize in customer favorites like the  flavorful New Mexican Chile seeds like the Big Jims, Anaheims and Hatch chile varieties – these are customer favorites as gardeners love to grow these unique flavorful New Mexican peppers around the world. Many of these chile varieties are hard to find outside of New Mexico so they are big sellers! We also offer wholesale of both super hot pepper seeds as well as sweet pepper seeds and lots of varieties of all the heats in-between. Check out our list of peppers by heat so you can pick out a great range of pepper seeds from sweet to mild to wicked hot!

Wholesale Seeds - Vegetable Seeds with Seed Rack Display

Our online wholesale seeds can be quickly purchased on our website for fast shipping to you. Our wholesale seeds are perfect for planting by your gardening customers. We also sell many of our pepper seeds as bulk seeds by the pound, ounce or half ounce. We also have a Get Real Gardening line of vegetable seeds including zucchini, cilantro, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and more – picking our favorite varieties that grow quickly and easily and pair nicely with all of our peppers of the world!

Wholesale Seeds - from Sandia Seed

Wholesale Seeds for Resale: 
We sell our seeds at a 50% discount so you can get great wholesale pricing and offer all of our peppers from around the world to your customers. When you buy our seed packets in bulk, you can save fifty percent off our retail prices. We also sell seed display racks to display any of our seeds. We ship our seed racks pre-assembled so you don't have to figure out the puzzle of putting them together so you can add them to your shop easily to display all of our seeds beautifully for your customers.

Wholesale Seeds - Patsy with the Tomato Seed Rack Display

Buy Wholesale Seeds Online:
We offer a wholesale seed online order form so you can easily add seed packets to purchase wholesale and get our 50% discount on wholesale seed orders over $300 using our Wholesale Seed customer discount code.

Best Selling Wholesale Seeds: Chile Seeds

Best Wholesale Seeds:
With over 100 different pepper seeds  of the world to choose from, and over 44 tomato seeds, you're customers will love trying something new each gardening season. 

Sandia Seed Owner Patsy with Wholesale Seed Rack

Wholesale Seed Racks:
We sell both tabletop seed displays and self-standing floor seed racks for displaying our seeds. Our beautiful free-standing Floor Seed Rack holds 45 different varieties and the pockets are deep and can hold from 5 to 24 packets each. With 45 seed slots, the only dilemma is choosing which of our 100+ peppers to feature! 

Bulk Seeds

Bulk Seed Store:
In addition to selling packets for a 50% off Wholesale discount, you can also buy many of our seeds in bulk! We offer 1 pound, 1 and 2 ounce bulk seeds for many of our New Mexican chiles like the Big Jim Legacy Chile, as well as other pepper varieties like the delicious Paprika pepper. Our bulk seed options are great if you are planting a large area such as a farm or community garden. Check out our Bulk Seed Collection »

Wholesale Seeds - Seed Rack Display

Seeds Collectors:
Gardeners are collectors of seeds. One might even say they "hoard" seeds... haha! So offering something new every year gets gardeners excited to try something new each season. With over 100 types of wholesale pepper seeds from around the world, you're sure to find something unique to try, such as these Bolivian Rainbow peppers, below, which are not only gorgeous ornamental plants, but they also make for great hot sauce and salsa! We also have a wonderful assortment of our favorite Heirloom tomatoes and Hybrid tomatoes to complement our chile seed collections. 


Wholesale Seed Packets for Hatch Chile Peppers

Wholesale Seed Packets

Wholesale seed packets from are colorful and enticing – our rainbow of pepper seed packets, tomato seeds, and vegetable seeds are perfect for any plant nursery or local hardware store. Our bright yellow seed rack displays come in both a self-standing version and a tabletop version so that you can feature our peppers seeds in any shop. 


Wholesale Seeds - Tomato Seeds
Become a seed retailer!
We also sell a wide variety of tomato seeds, so you can have a salsa garden seed section in your store.
Check out all of our Seed Displays »

Wholesale Ornamental Pepper Seeds

Growing peppers is becoming more popular!
Peppers come in a rainbow of flavors and spice-levels from hot to sweet, so they are gaining traction in home gardens. Many people are getting into gardening as they want to grow their own food and become more self-reliant. Peppers add an amazing amount of flavor and/or spice to a home garden, especially for those who want to grow their own spices. There's a pepper for everyone and every tastebud!

While most seed companies offer just a few common peppers such as bell peppers or jalapeños, Sandia Seed specializes in Peppers of the World, so we have over 100 different types of peppers to grow from seeds. We have nine different types of jalapeños alone! We started out selling Hatch Chile seeds  because we had a hard time finding local New Mexico chile seeds in smaller quantities for home gardeners like us. So, we started selling Hatch Chile seeds including red and green chile varieties from New Mexico in a range of heat-levels. Gardeners love them! So then we decided to offer more peppers, and starting collecting pepper seeds from around the world to offer to gardeners. We also picked our favorite Heirloom tomato seeds and some hybrids too to grow in any good salsa garden – and recently added a lineup of easy-to-grow vegetable seeds to round out the garden. All of these seed packets can be purchased with our Wholesale Seed Discount (50% off) so you can offer to your customers in the spring or year-round. 

Wholesale Seeds - Ornamental Peppers from

Wholesale Chile Seeds:
We offer a huge variety of chile seeds from around the world, including the infamous Mexican chiles to make mole sauces and other tasty delights. 
 Wholesale Seeds - Guajillo Pepper Seeds

Wholesale Hatch Chile Seeds:
If you have ever lived in New Mexico or tasted Hatch green chile then you know that flavor is hard to live without! Wouldn’t it be great to have them growing in your garden? Now you can experience that wonderful flavor of green chile wherever you live. Be prepared because green chile is addictive, just ask any New Mexican. View all of our Hatch Chile Seeds »

Wholesale Seeds for Hatch Chiles

Wholesale Hot Pepper Seeds:
Offering super hot peppers like Carolina Reaper SeedsRed Ghost Pepper Seeds, or Trinidad Moruga Scorpion seeds is sure to please all your chilehead and spice-loving customers. We carry a huge assortment of the hottest peppers in the world, so you can really spice up your seed display!

Wholesale Seeds for Hot Peppers

Hot peppers are very popular amongst gardeners as they add a ton of flavor and heat to food. Offering a large assortment of peppers to customers is great as they can pick unusual varieties that you can't pickup at the local garden center.

We also sell Wholesale Seed Collections!

We have chosen our most popular seeds and put together Wholesale Seed Collections so that you can order knowing you'll have a great selection of chile pepper seeds for your customers. Our Wholesale Seed Collections include 24 different peppers (144 packets total), and we also offer a Wholesale Seed Pepper & Tomato Assortment for the perfect display for gardeners who love making salsas and hot sauces. Also be sure to purchase our tabletop or floor display Seed Racks to display these seeds in your shop! We also encourage you to reuse seed racks every year to save money and materials. 

What's so special about Hatch Chili?

Offering Hatch Chile seeds to your customers is a great way to introduce them to the deliciousness that is green chile! Big Jim's are the largest peppers, too, so they're fun to grow just for their sheer size! Order our Wholesale Seed packets and spread the love of green chile!

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