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What is special about Hatch chile?

What is Special about Hatch Chile?

What is special about Hatch chile?

The reason Hatch Chile are so special is that they are considered by many to be the best tasting of all chile peppers - especially when roasted! The roasting really brings out the delicious flavors – the thick flesh of roasted Hatch Chile has the best buttery, smokey, intense flavor! You can smell the delicious aromas when you roast them, which gets your mouth watering, and after peeling. you can add them to a huge variety of recipes!

The famous Hatch Chile flavor of these peppers is said to come from the special growing conditions in the Hatch region of New Mexico – including the soil and the climate. If you ever have a chance to try Hatch Green Chile from the Hatch region in New Mexico, you're in for a treat! The smoky, buttery deliciousness of roasted Hatch chile is hard to beat. But, don't worry, you don't have to garden in New Mexico to enjoy the flavor – these Hatch Chile varieties, wherever grown, still taste amazing!

If you have ever lived in New Mexico or tasted roasted Hatch green chile then you know you can’t live without it! Well maybe you’ll live, but wouldn’t it be great to have them growing in your garden? Yes. Did you know that you can experience that wonderful flavor of green chile wherever you live?  Be prepared because green chile is addictive, just ask any New Mexican.

Roasting Hatch Chile brings out their special delicious flavor!

Technically, if you don't grow these Hatch Chile varieties in the Hatch region, then you can't call them Hatch chiles. However, these are the same seeds that New Mexico growers plant, and we think they still taste great no matter where you grow them around the world! Since many people do not live in New Mexico, it's hard to even get Hatch chile! So why not spread the Chile love and grow Hatch chile varieties where ever you live?

Special Mild Hatch Chile Seeds

Is all Hatch Chile hot?

Hatch chile comes in different heat levels, so whether you like mild Hatch chile, or if you like super hot Hatch Chile, we've got you covered. We have a large range of the best Hatch chile seeds you can find!

Hatch Green Chile Seeds - Mild
Hot Hatch Chile Seeds - Hatch Doublecross

Red Hatch Chile - Medium Heat

Fresh Red Hatch Chile is highly perishable so you won't likely find it in stores, that's why it's great to grow your own Red Hatch Chile plants so you can enjoy the smokey intense flavor of fresh-roasted red chile from your garden! It's a summer highlight! 

Special Hatch Chile Gravy Recipe

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Hatch Chile are some of the most special varieties you can grow! Once you grow these large chile peppers in your garden and taste a fresh-roasted pepper - you'll want to grow them every year. 

Why is Hatch chile special?

Check out our Green Chile Seeds collection for all your favorite Hatch chile varieties plus other New Mexican green and red chile varieties like Big Jim seeds and Poblano seeds.

What is a Hatch Chile?

What is a Hatch Chile?

Why are these chile varieties called Hatch chiles? These unique green chiles are called Hatch Chile because they are grown in in the Hatch region of New Mexico which has a climate and soil that helps grow what many believe are the tastiest chiles in the world! Learn more about What a Hatch Chile is »