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Types of Jalapenos

Types of Jalapenos

There are a lot of different types of Jalapeños!
There are many different types of jalapenos – there are super hot jalapenos, and there are mild jalapenos, and they come in different colors, too – some jalapenos ripen to yellow or orange! We have a purple jalapenos hat start out deep green and then change to dark purple and finally mature to red. 

Yellow Jalapeno

Sandia Seed has not just one but NINE different types of Jalapeños! Grow any of these jalapeño seeds in your garden for adding to salsas, hot sauces, making jalapeño poppers, and other recipes! Jalapeños are some of the easiest peppers to grow from seed, and they are also one of the earliest peppers to harvest – so they're great for shorter growing seasons. All of these types of jalapenos are also great for growing in large containers. For the best success, check out our great tips on How to Grow Peppers »

Purple Jalapeno

Our purple jalapenos are new this year, and we're excited to grow them in our gardens going forward. This type of jalapeno begins deep green and changes to dark purple and finally matures to red. You can pick them anytime, but they do get more heat and flavor as they mature from purple to red. These jalapeno plants are beautiful, they can have all three pepper colors at the same time. These have a nice medium heat and a little more sweetness than regular jalapeños, and the their thick walls have a crisp bite that is great in salads and sandwiches.
Types of Jalapenos - Sandia Seed has 9 different kinds of Jalapenos!
Next season, grow different types of jalapenos! Don't just grow the classic jalapeno, if you love the flavor of jalapenos, you should grow a rainbow of them!

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