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Largest Peppers

Largest Peppers

Looking to grow the world’s Largest Peppers?

World’s Largest Pepper

If you're looking for the world record largest pepper, look no further than the Big Jim chile – this humongous pepper is the current Guinness Book of World Record holder for being the largest chile pepper in the world! These giant peppers can grow up to 14" in length, but typically range from 8-10". 

Largest Pepper: Big Jim Chile Seeds

This, the largest chili pepper variety, is sure to please any pepper lover! The extra large Big Jim Legacy Chile has  incredible New Mexican chile flavor, thick flesh, and mild to medium heat. Due to their thick flesh, they are great for roasting and easy peeling to use in a variety of dishes. Roasted chile is one of the best flavors in the world, therefore you'll be stoked when you grow these extra large peppers to enjoy!

Largest Peppers: Green Chile

Largest Pepper Variety

These Big Jims, the largest peppers, come in a variety of heat levels, so don't just grow one!
Largest Peppers - Big Jim Chile

 We have not just one of these extra large Big Jim chiles, but several to choose from in different heat levels. The Big Jim Legacy is the largest of them all, but the other varieties are fairly big, too. Our Big Jim NuMex Green Chile grow to almost 8” long, and have Mild to Medium heat with 2,500 - 3,000 Scoville heat units. Our very popular Medium Hatch Big Jims grow to 7" long and have medium heat with 2000 - 4000 Scovilles. If you're looking for extra hot, don't miss our Hatch Green Hot Doublecross chile which is extra large too growing 9" long or larger and has 9,000 Scovilles so it's huge and spicy!

Largest Pepper - Big Jim Legacy


 Largest Peppers - Hatch Green Hot Doublecross Chile Seeds

So this year in your garden, why not grow the BIGGEST and TASTIEST peppers you can grow: BIG JIMS!

 Largest Peppers: Big Jim Chile in the Garden

Largest Peppers in the World: Big Jim Peppers 

Largest Peppers: Big Jims as long as your forearm!

 Grow the Largest Peppers: Big Jims can grow as long as your forearm!
They're quite impressive to show off and delicious to roast and eat!

Largest Pepper Review - Big Jims

Big Jims are not the only XXXL pepper we have!
Other large peppers include:

X-Hot Red Hatch Chile Seeds

These X-Hot Red Hatch Chile Seeds (Ms. Junie) grow into large 9" long chile pods on productive 36” plants. A very heavy yielding chile pepper. It turns quickly from green to red. These huge fresh red chiles are very perishable, consequently they are difficult to find in grocery stores - so growing your own ensures you can taste the amazing flavor that is fresh red chile!

Largest Peppers:  Hatch Green Mild - Guizeppi Chile Seeds

Guizeppi Chile - Mild Hatch Green Chile
The perfect choice for people who love the green chile flavor but don't care for the heat. The mildest Hatch chile you can grow. These plants produce huge green chiles with pods ranging in size from 8- 12” long!


Large Peppers: Marconi Red Sweet Heirloom Pepper Seeds

The Red Marconi Pepper is a large sweet pepper!

These Italian sweet peppers are nice and big, too, with robust plants producing large 7-8” long pods. These giant sweet peppers have a smoky-sweet flavor and thin skin, they're great fresh in salads, or for frying, stuffing or grilling. Our favorite is using them for Fajitas! They mature from green to red and grow on productive 30“ plants. These large pepper also grows great in containers.

Largest Peppers: Corno Di Toro Giallo Pepper Seeds

Another great large pepper that comes in YELLOW is the delicious Italian heirloom Corno Di Toro Giallo pepper. This sweet Italian frying pepper variety is nicknamed the "bull's horn" for its distinctive horn shape and grow into large 8" pods that are sure to please! These are terrific used fresh in salads and are traditionally fried to bring out the best of their wonderful, sweet flavor. Popular with Italian chefs, home gardeners, and market growers.