New Pepper Seeds

Posted on 04 November 2019

Sandia Seed is proud to expand our Peppers of the World seed collection this year to include several new pepper seeds this year going into 2020!

Fish Pepper Seeds

New this year, check out our Fish Pepper seeds!

A very unique pepper plant with green and white mottled foliage and variegated fruits. The 2" curving pendant fruits look a little like swimming fish. Peppers turn from white with green stripes to orange with brown stripes and finally to a mature solid red.

These plants are grown for their ornamental value, but they are great raw and cooked – such as stuffing, roasting, stir-frying, baking, and sautéing. Traditionally, these Fish peppers were used for making white paprika for the cream sauces then popular with fish and shellfish cookery in Baltimore, MD.

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Sweet Chocolate Bell Pepper Seeds
A chocolate-colored bell pepper with a very sweet flavor. It ripens from green to dark brown on the outside and brick red flesh on the inside. Heavy fruit set of 3-4” peppers and it tolerates cool nights. And, with just 57 days to harvest, this is the earliest pepper you can grow in your garden! They are delicious and beautiful in salads, roasted or stuffed. 




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