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New Pepper Seeds

Sandia Seed is proud to expand our Peppers of the World seed collection this year to include several new pepper seeds this year!

New Peppers
Grow something new this year!
In 2022 we have a lot of new peppers to grow in your garden! We are introducing Hatch Green Mild – Guizeppi as one of the mildest Hatch chile varieties we offer; Alma Paprika, the best paprika for drying; Anaheim Sonora Mild, a delicious and very large pepper; Biquinho Yellow, mild and fruity from Brazil; Cascabella, small and tangy these are the peppers that Mezzetta uses; Cayenne Purple, both the pepper and plant are pretty, Corno de Toro Gaillo, a big sweet yellow frying pepper; Dynamite Green Chile, an extra hot chile hailing from Colorado; Jalapeno Jaloro, a golden yellow jalapeno; Pimento Sheepnose, crisp and juicy; Poblano Ancho Gigantea, large and flavorful; Serrano Purple, large and less heat; Jalapeno Purple, flavorful and mild; Thai Dragon, ornamental and very hot, and Patio Fire & Ice, a bright yellow, orange, and, red ornamental pepper.

Seed Catalog with New Peppers
Check out our new Seed Catalog packed with over 100 peppers of the world, plus lots of tomato and vegetable seeds, too!

Six new tomatoes include Amana Orange, a beautiful orange ribbed beefsteak; Black from Tula, is a rich and flavorful tomato; Constoluto Genovese, a ribbed Italian sauce tomato; German Red Strawberry, an oxheart with superior taste, Martino’s Roma, small romas on a small plant; and Wisconsin 55, a juicy old heirloom. And don’t miss our seven newest seeds in the Get Real/Grow Food collection which include Cilantro seeds and Tomatillo seeds.
Fish Pepper Seeds

Check out our Fish Pepper seeds!

A very unique pepper plant with green and white mottled foliage and variegated fruits. The 2" curving pendant fruits look a little like swimming fish. Peppers turn from white with green stripes to orange with brown stripes and finally to a mature solid red.

These plants are grown for their ornamental value, but they are great raw and cooked – such as stuffing, roasting, stir-frying, baking, and sautéing. Traditionally, these Fish peppers were used for making white paprika for the cream sauces then popular with fish and shellfish cookery in Baltimore, MD.

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New Peppers Seeds 

Sweet Chocolate Bell Pepper Seeds
Shown in middle right above, this chocolate-colored bell pepper has a very sweet flavor. It ripens from green to dark brown on the outside and brick red flesh on the inside. Heavy fruit set of 3-4” peppers and it tolerates cool nights. And, with just 57 days to harvest, this is the earliest pepper you can grow in your garden! They are delicious and beautiful in salads, roasted or stuffed. 


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