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Poblano Ancho Gigantea Pepper Seeds

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This distinctively rich Mexican poblano has a smoky yet sweet flavor. When poblano peppers are dark green-black they can be used for stuffing and roasting. When the peppers ripen to red, they can be dried as ancho chiles and used to make sauces, soups, and meat seasoning.

This classic Mexican pepper is heart-shaped and over 4” long by 2-1/2” across at the shoulder. Plants are 24” high and will continue to grow more peppers if picked frequently. When fresh it is Poblano and when dry it is Ancho. 

 Capsicum annuum (95 days) Heirloom - Open Pollinated

Heat Level: Mild Scoville: 1,000-3,000

~ Packet contains 30 seeds. 

In early spring, start seeds indoors 8 weeks prior to warm nightly temperatures. Place the seeds in sterile media and cover 1/4” deep. Provide 85°F bottom heat, bright light, and keep moist at all times. Seeds will germinate in 7 - 21 days. Transplant seedlings into pots and grow until there are 6 true leaves on the plant. Plant them directly into rich soil, 30” apart or into large 5-gallon containers. Harvest peppers when they are green. 

All of our seeds are GMO-free.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Loved them

Grew them for the first time in 2023. I plan on getting more for 2024. I especially liked stuffing them.

Really nice sized peppers

Grew these for the first time this year. Really gives good sized poblanos ideal for Chile rellenos.

Beautiful big chiles

Loved growing these! So many big poblanos and great flavor!

Blake T
Not ideal for containers or balconies

I would recommend these if you're able to give it the space and light it needs, but I wouldn't recommend growing these in a container or with less that full sun all day long. My plant was quite large but my peppers ended up pretty small (about clementine sized), though I acknowledge that's most likely due to the conditions I gave it. My peppers were otherwise very good!

Miguel G.
Nice and large!

These are great poblanos for roasting and stuffing to make into chile rellanos. Nice and large with thick flesh, so they are easy to roast and peel and stuff. Will grow again! Good germination, too, nearly every seed sprouted with our seedling mat heat, I think the heat helps a lot with peppers.