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Nasturtium - Jewel Mix Seeds

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Jewel Mix produces edible 2" double blooms in jewel tones of light yellow, orange, and deep red. This hardy annual will flower all summer long with bright flowers that are held well above the foliage for an impressive color display. The edible foliage is unique with circular deep green leaves that have light-colored veins radiating from the center. 

Jewel Mix Nasturtium seeds can be planted directly into the garden soil.

Sow seed directly into the garden in late spring to early summer or start seeds indoors in pots 4-6 weeks before spring frost danger has ended. 

Plant¬†seeds 1‚ÄĚ deep (they need darkness to germinate) and 10-12‚ÄĚ apart. Soak the seed overnight to enhance germination. They should come up in¬†7-10 days depending on the soil temperature and grow quickly in warm weather. Do not fertilize, except on extremely poor soil, as fertilization will promote leaf growth and suppress flowering.¬†

Although they like dry soils and will tolerate drought, water them during the entire growing season to keep them blooming. This edible plant is very colorful and attractive in window boxes, hanging baskets, or rock gardens. Picking the flowers will prolong blooming. Plants can grow to a height of 16" tall and grow in full sun or partial shade. 

Each packet contains 30 Nasturtium Jewel Mix seeds. Tropaeolum majus. Annual. Open-pollinated, heirloom, non-GMO. $3.00

This packet plants a 30' row with 30 plants. 

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Nasturtium flowers and leaves are edible. 

The flowers are pretty enough to eat. They can be used whole or chopped to make an attractive addition to many foods. Add color to salads and summer meals or try freezing Nasturtium flowers into ice cubes for fancy drinks. They have a slightly peppery taste reminiscent of watercress, with a spicier flavor when grown in sunnier, hotter weather. They taste better when young; older leaves can be bitter. The flowers are less intensely flavored than the leaves. Use as a garnish on cream soups, herb butter, or on cakes and platters. You can stuff the blossoms with cream cheese or another mixture for an unusual appetizer. 


A popular annual plant that will command attention in any landscape. It's a fast grower, easy-going and low maintenance. You will be rewarded with weeks of blooms from summer until frost. Few insects bother Nasturtiums and butterflies love them. Deer ignore them. Use as a landscape feature around trees or along borders. Although they’re considered annuals, they easily reseed themselves without intervention, so you know they’ll come back year after year.


Both the leaves and petals of the nasturtium plant are packed with nutrition, containing high levels of vitamin C. Nasturtium might help improve the immune system, tackling sore throats, coughs, and colds, as well as bacterial and fungal infections. The plants also contain high amounts of manganese, iron, flavonoids, and beta-carotene.


Customer Reviews

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Thomas Shikanga Maina
Nasturtium seeds

Are these available in Kenya or through an agent

having a question

WHAT KIND OF FLOWERS WOULD GROW QUICK FOR LITTLE KIDS IN MY CLASSROOM What would you suggest if I would start now for mothers day

You could try our sugar snap peas! They are easy to sprout and grow quickly and have cute white blossoms, and can be a live 'edible bouquet.' :)

Ken Stumpf
Classic Seeds

I have tried growing Nasturtiums in the past without much success. I soaked these seeds in water for 36 hours and then planted them. I believe all but one seed sprouted, and that is amazing. They are growing at different rates I believe because they are different colors. I wanted to leave this review because other Nasturtium seeds are hard to grow and this is the toughest part of growing them right at the beginning. Looking forward to many beautiful blooms from these seeds.