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Best Peppers to Grow

Best Peppers to Grow

Best Peppers to Grow in 2024!

Here are our top picks for peppers to grow in your garden. These delicious selections are productive and easy to grow so you'll enjoy a colorful and tasty harvest of peppers in 2024.

Best Peppers to Grow in 2024

Best Peppers to Grow: Jimmy Nardello Seeds

1. Jimmy Nardello
So delicious and so productive. It is an old-school heirloom that is just an absolute winner. These tasty sweet peppers can be used for stir fry and pasta sauces.

Best Peppers to Grow: Cayenne - Ring of Fire
2. Cayenne Ring of Fire

Beautiful pepper that matures early and is spicy! It has a wonderful cayenne flavor that is great for hot sauces and powders.

Best Peppers to Grow: Hot Hungarian Wax Peppers
3. Hot Hungarian Hot Wax

Spicy and delicious pickled. Very productive and wonderful on sub sandwiches and pizza. A wonderful choice for fermenting too.

Best Peppers to Grow: Yellow Jalapeno
4. NuMex Lemon Spice Jalapeno

This unusual yellow jalapeno has a nice amount of heat with 30,000 Scovilles! Much hotter than most jalapenos. Great lemony flavor and a pleasant deeper flavor. Very productive and easy to grow.

Best Peppers to Grow: Serrano
5. Serrano Tampiqueno

A classic.  A very versatile pepper with a little more heat than a jalapeno and a little smaller. Pickle it, grill it, chop it into salsa fresca. Very flavorful and delicious.

Best Peppers to Grow: Red Cherry Hot Pepper Seeds
6. Hot Cherry Pepper

Just the right amount of sweetness and heat. The right choice to make awesome stuffed peppers and it is great diced up into a hot pepper jam or brine. Perfect for all Italian American cooking. Extremely productive plants.

Big Jim Chile Seeds
7. Big Jim Legacy Green Chile

A long-time customer favorite, these plants produce huge tasty pods with thick flesh, great for chile rellenos and chile.

Best Peppers to Grow: Chocolate Habanero Seeds
8. Chocolate Habanero

A popular habanero that has a distinct delicious flavor not found in other habaneros. It is sweet fresh and tastes good before the heat. Great for salsas!
Best Peppers to Grow: Sweet Hungarian Wax Peppers

9. Sweet Hungarian Yellow Wax

Great for short-season climates. Lighter and more delicate than bell peppers are part of this pepper's charm, because of its less assertive taste and thin flesh.
Best Peppers to Grow: Aleppo Pepper Seeds

10. Aleppo pepper

Also known as the Halaby pepper, is commonly used as chile flakes in Mediterranean cuisine. This hot and tasty pepper has a b
eautiful deep red color, rich fruity undertones and aromatic flavor. These mature in about 80-90 days and have a hot heat level of 10,000 Scovilles.

Best Peppers for Containers

Growing peppers in Containers?
Peppers grow great in pots so you can grow them wherever you live – just find a good place with at least 6 hours of sunlight and you're golden. We have a great selection of peppers that thrive in pots, and are fast growing.
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How to Grow Peppers from Seed

Learn how to grow peppers from seed to
have a successful harvest this season!

Happy growing!