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Product Type
  • Bulk Seeds (5)
  • Seeds (12)
  • catalog list (16)
  • chile seeds (2)
  • early (1)
  • Get Real (1)
  • green chile (6)
  • green chile seeds (7)
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  1. Jalapeño TAM Seeds
    Milder than most jalapenos and has all the classic Jalapeño flavor. This early variety was developed by Texas A&M and is very productive and resistant to disease. This 3” long jalapeno is so much milder than its relatives, with a Scoville scale of 1,000 to 1,500 compared to up to 5,000...
    $ 2.49
  2. Jalapeño Mucho Nacho Hybrid Seeds ORG
    Jalapeño Mucho Nacho - A great pepper to chop into fresh salsa or other dishes needing some spice. Put thick slices on top of nachos before broiling. There is no need to first roast and peel, just use it directly from the garden. Harvest green Mucho Nacho peppers about 70 days after...
    $ 2.49
  3. Jalapeño Early Seeds ORG
    Early Jalapeño - The best pepper for short seasons and cooler climates! These are one of the earliest peppers at just 65 days from seed to the first harvest. Everybody loves Jalapeños because they can be prepared in so many different ways. Jalapeño poppers, jalapeño jelly, and pickled jalapeños are just...
    $ 2.49
  4. Jalapeño Traveler Seeds ORG
    The sturdy and vigorous 3’ tall plants produce a continuous crop all season. The fruits are conical 3-1/2- 4” long with thick bright green flesh and grow well at both high and low elevations. A great, reliable variety that produces large peppers with consistent medium heat. History: Introduced by Larry Pierce of...
    $ 2.49
  5. NuMex Jalmundo Jalapeño Pepper Seeds
    Jalmundo NuMex - It's back! Extra large jalapeño developed for America's love of jalapeño popper appetizers. This jumbo jalapeño is bigger and has more heat than the Early Jalapeño. Easy to grow in containers and matures early. Heavy yields of large meaty jalapenño up to 5" long and 2-1/2" wide and...
    $ 2.49
  6. Jalapeño M Pepper Seeds ORG
    Jalapeño M - The addictive flavor of this Jalapeño M makes it America's most popular pepper! The Jalapeño M variety has larger fruit with more heat than the Early Jalapeño. The thick-walled dark green fruits average 3-1/2” long by 1-1/2“ wide and are very pungent. This variety is slow to turn red and grow...
    $ 2.49
  7. Jalapeño Orange Spice NuMex Seeds
    Back in stock for now! NuMex Jalapeño Orange Spice - This new hot and colorful orange jalapeño is great in the home garden along with yellow and green japlapeños. Orange Spice also gives market growers a competitive advantage for buyers desiring new colors of jalapeños. These orange Jalapeños also ripen earlier than...
    $ 2.49
  8. Jalapeño Yellow Lemon Spice Seeds
    NuMex Jalapeño Lemon Spice - This yellow jalapeño is joining in on the popularity enjoyed by colorful bell peppers. It’s a fact that growers receive a premium for produce with novel coloration. Use this beautiful pepper to enhance the look of everything you would make with green jalapeños! This jalapeño is green at...
    $ 2.49
  9. 3 Pack - Jalapeño, Serrano & Poblano Seeds 15% Off
    Jalapeño M - Great tasting pepper with that addictive heat for all your jalapeño needs. Scoville 12,000 Poblano - Very mild and delicious large pepper that is perfect for stuffing. Scoville: 500-1,000 Serrano Tampiqueño - A little pepper with a unique hot flavor all its own. Scoville 15,000-25,000 This is a great collection of seeds to grow...
    $ 6.35 $ 7.47
  10. Fresno Pepper Seeds
    Fresno peppers were developed and released for commercial cultivation by Clarence Brown Hamlin in 1952. Hamlin named the chili "Fresno" in honor of Fresno, California. They are grown throughout California, specifically the San Joaquin Valley. It is a bright red 2” long and 1“ wide conical shaped pepper that grows upright...
    $ 2.49
  11. Serrano Hidalgo Seeds ORG
    The Serrano Hidalgo originated in the mountainous regions of the Mexican state of Hidalgo and its name is a reference to the mountains of that area. This pepper is slightly hotter than a jalapeño with a bright fruit flavor. They are perfect for fresh salsa and pickling or homemade hot sauces. Use the...
    $ 3.99
  12. Serrano Tampiqueño - Heirloom Seeds
    Serrano Tampiqueño - This variety has a distinctive and unique hot flavor! It is crisp, bright and notably hotter than the jalapeño it resembles. Serranos are typically eaten raw, so no need to roast or peel. Popular in pico de gallo, salsas, and soups. This Tampiqueño variety has superior flavor compared to...
    $ 2.49
  13. Wholesale Southwest / Mexico Assortment - 24 Pepper Varieties = 144 packets (fills counter-display)
    Become a retailer with packs of 24 different popular pepper varieties. A total of 144 seed packets, with a pre-printed cost of $2.49. You pay only $1.25 wholesale for each. A great selection with Barker's Hot, Big Jim Legacy, Chimayo, Early Jalapeno, Fresno, Hatch Green Mild, Medium, Hot, Hatch Red Medium, Hot, Lumbre, New...
    $ 180.00 $ 360.00
  14. Wholesale Pepper and Tomato Assortment - 45 Varieties - 270 Packets (fills floor display)
    This is the most popular and the largest selection we offer for the Floor display. It includes both Tomatoes and Peppers, so something for everyone! It's easy to become a retailer with this special selection of 6 packs of 45 different pepper varieties. A total of 270 seed packets, with 32 varieties retail...
    $ 395.22 $ 789.30
  15. Cayenne - Long Slim Seeds - Organic
    Long Slim Cayenne is easy to grow, very dependable, and will produce huge yields of very hot peppers. The long red peppers have thin walls and are easy to dry. They are most commonly used for chile flakes or powder, but excellent for pickling, and fresh eating too. This pepper...
    $ 3.00
  16. Wholesale Popular Pepper Assortment - 45 Pepper Varieties - 270 packets (fills floor display)
    Become a retailer with a special selection of 6 packs of 45 different pepper varieties. A total of 270 seed packets, with 22 varieties retail at $2.49 and you pay wholesale at $1.25 23 varieties retail $3.99 and you pay wholesale at $1.99 This great selection includes Bell Purple Beauty, Big Jim Legacy, Guajillo,...
    $ 439.62 $ 879.30

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