How to Grow Chile Peppers in Colorado

Posted on 26 October 2018

How to grow Chile Peppers in Colorado

How to grow Chile Peppers in Colorado

It's easy to grow Hatch Green Chile, Hot Peppers or Sweet Peppers in Colorado. Well, that is, unless you live on the top of a fourteener! 

All of our chile peppers, hot peppers and sweet peppers grow great in Colorado's hot and arid climate, providing that you start them early, and make sure they get enough water (but not too much water) throughout their growing season. The plains of Colorado have similar growing conditions to New Mexico, and so growing Hatch Chile seeds can produce the delicious green chiles everyone craves for stews, hamburgers, pizzas and more.  While technically you can't call them "Hatch" unless they're grown in the Hatch region of New Mexico, we still think they taste amazing, because nothing tastes better than homegrown!

When growing peppers in Colorado, our customers like to start their chile pepper seeds indoors in February/March to get the going earlier than other veggies, as the seeds often take longer to germinate than tomatoes and other veggies. It's good to keep the seeds quite warm to germinate (80-90˚ F), and keep to them indoors until it gets to be about 60˚ outside even at night (usually this happens in late May to early June).

Growing peppers in Colorado - using Water Walls

You can also use water walls (shown above) to put your peppers out earlier, as they protect peppers and keep them warm especially at night, during Colorado's crazy spring temperature swings. These can also help protect them from the frequent and nasty hailstorms that Colorado has in the spring and early summer months.

We have a great page of tips for growing peppers, this applies to jalapeños, serranos, green chiles, you name it:

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Make sure to check out our How To Grow peppers page as it's packed with tips and info on how to have success growing peppers. Happy growing!

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