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Chef's Pepper Garden

Chef's Pepper Garden

If you are a chef, cook, or a gourmet gardener, make sure to check out our latest 3-pack of the best pepper seeds for your garden! These three special peppers have long been prized by restaurants and is a favorite among chefs.

Padron peppers are delicious heirloom peppers that are mostly mild, with an occasional spicy one mixed in. Padron peppers are great to fry up with sesame oil over high heat to blister and soften them, then sprinkle with salt and then serve immediately. 

Pepperoncini peppers are often pickled by chefs, but they can also be used fresh in salads or sandwiches, they can also be stuffed, or chopped and added to stews and soups. 

Paprika Peppers are gorgeous in red, and fresh Paprika goes well with just about anything – steamed vegetables, meat or fish, soups, stews, rice, creamy sauces, you name it. Fresh Paprika is hard to find, so growing it in your garden is a wonderful way to be able to pick and use fresh Paprika all summer long. You can also dry these peppers and crush into powder for year-round use in recipes. 

Chef's Garden - Seeds for Sweet Peppers
So if you love to cook and grow things, make sure to include these three amazing peppers in your vegetable garden next year! 

Chefs Garden - Piquillo Peppers for Marinated Peppers

More Peppers for Chefs:

Of course, these three peppers above aren't the only peppers that chefs love. Check out all of our sweet pepper seeds for peppers that are packed with flavor for recipes. Or, if you like to make spicy food, check out our hot pepper seeds or our super hot pepper seeds, which are great for spicing up any dish, or making salsa recipes, fermented hot sauces, hot pepper salt such as Carolina Reaper Salt, and so much more. If you love marinated peppers, check out our delicious smoky-sweet and slightly spicy Piquillo peppers from Spain. These  Piquillos are hard to find, but oh-so-flavorful!

Peppers come in such a huge variety of flavors and colors, chefs are sure to love growing them in their garden! We also carry a huge variety of Heirloom Tomatoes, which are also sure to be a highlight in any chef's menu!