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Which is hotter red or green Hatch chile?

Which is hotter red or green Hatch chile?

Which is hotter, red or green Hatch chile?

You may think that red chile is hotter than green Hatch chile, but it really depends on the variety! Did you know that all Hatch chile varieties eventually turn red as they ripen to full maturity? That doesn't mean they necessarily get hotter – as they redden they develop deeper often sweeter flavor, while the heat level doesn't typically increase. Hot Hatch Chile varieties are usually always hot, and mild chile varieties are usually always mild, their flavors just intensify and sweeten slightly as they ripen to red.

We have Mild Green Hatch Chile that will ripen to red as it matures,  as well as Medium Green Hatch Chile and Medium Red Hatch Chile for those who like some spice in their roasted chile. And for you heat lovers, we also have Hot Red Hatch Chile , Extra Hot Red Hatch Chile, and X-Hot Green Hatch Chile as well the giant Hatch Green X-Hot Lumbre Chile, and the wicked Rattlesnake Green Chile which brings the BURN!

Which is hotter red or green Hatch chile? Seed Packets