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What are the best peppers to grow indoors?

What are the best peppers to grow indoors?

We recently had a customer ask:
What is a good pepper to grow indoors?

Many peppers can grow great indoors if you have the space and good lighting!

If you have limited space, we think that the best pepper plants for indoor growing are smaller peppers such as Pequins, Chiltepins, Habaneros, Mini Bell Peppers, Aji, Carolina Reapers, Thai peppers, or small ornamental peppers like Fire and Ice. Of course, don't limit yourself to just these peppers, you can really grow any peppers indoors if you have the room and lighting! Check out all of our 100+ pepper seeds from around the world that we carry for ideas on peppers you can grow inside your home.

Best Peppers to Grow Indoors

You can grow pretty much any pepper indoors if you have the proper space and good lighting such as in a greenhouse, or if you provide supplemental lighting. Shown in the photo above are some Orange Habaneros growing in an old Aerogarden – we cloned them from last year's summer plants and they are growing very well! The clones are neat because they seem to grow laterally instead of just upwards, so they're perfect for growing in this limited height desktop growing hydroponic light setup.


Can I grow peppers indoors all year round?

You sure can!  Did you know that some peppers can live anywhere from 1.5 - 15+ years depending on which species and if grown indoors or in tropical climates? Read more about How Long Pepper Plants Live »

What are the Easiest Peppers to Grow

What are the easiest peppers to grow?

The fastest germinating peppers are typically in the Capsicum Annuum family, so we'd say they are easiest to grow. This is large family of peppers include fast-growing jalapeño seeds, serrano seeds, cayenne seeds, Anaheim chile seeds, Hatch chile seeds, and poblano seeds.

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Best Peppers to Grow in Pots

What peppers grow well in pots?

Many pepper varieties can grow very well in pots, in fact, containers can help extend your pepper growing season because you can move them indoors during late frosts in the spring or with early frosts in autumn. Plus, you can ensure they have premium growing medium that drains well to keep the pepper plants happy. Read more about the best peppers to grow in containers »

Starting Peppers Indoors

Starting Peppers Indoors

Starting pepper seeds indoors is a great way to increase your chance of success, especially when growing in short season climates. Starting peppers indoors allows you to keep them warm – ideally pepper seeds like to germinate between 80-90˚ F so using a seedling heat mat can really help speed up germination times.

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