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What makes a Hatch Chile Hatch?

Hatch Chile Seeds

Red Hatch Chile SeedsNew Mexico is home of the famous Hatch Chiles that are grown in the Hatch Valley. Hatch Chiles are special and unique to the Hatch region in New Mexico, you can grow the same varieties in other areas or states, but, like Champagne, then it isn't a true Hatch chile.

What gives the Hatch chiles the special flavor is the unique soil and climate in this part of New Mexico along with the people who plant, nurture and harvest the chiles over many generations. That doesn't mean you can't grow them where ever you live. We have people growing our Hatch chile seeds all over the world, such as Canada, Wyoming, Florida, Japan, and even south America! Besides, most people around the world aren't lucky enough to get Hatch chile locally, so why not grow your own? We think it tastes delicious where ever it's grown. 

Sandia Seeds offers several varieties of Hatch Chile seeds that, when grown in Hatch, can be called Hatch, but don't worry, we still they taste wonderful wherever they are grown! Homegrown fresh chiles roasted on your own grill beat store-bought any-day! 

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hatch chile seeds

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