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Salsa Garden Layout



Salsa Garden Layout

If you're planning a Salsa Garden, here's some tips!

Give tomato plants a lot of space! You can plant jalapenos closer together as they don't grow as large as tomato plants. Make sure to give them enough room away from the tomatoes so they don't get engulfed! Cilantro and Green onions can be grown along the sides of your garden as a border or in between the tomatoes and peppers. We put together this sample Salsa Garden Layout above – but this is not set in stone. It is possible to grow a small 4x4 salsa garden, you don't have to have a giant space to grow some great salsa! Small salsa garden layouts optimize space by growing the plants in a small area while making sure the tomatoes have plenty of room to grow.  Make sure to use sturdy tomato cages, too, so they don't ramble and flop over onto your peppers. Here are the Best Tomato Cages we like to use.


If you're anything like us, you LOVE salsa and can't get enough of it. Salsa is delicious and healthy, too – so every gardener should grow a salsa garden! You can grow your own tomatoes and peppers and make the salsa exactly the way you want it. You can grow super hot peppers for extra spicy hot salsa, or you can also grow mild peppers or even sweet peppers or a salsa that doesn't burn for those who like it mild. So appease your tastebuds and grow your own salsa garden!

Salsa Garden - grow your own salsa!

Love salsa?

We put together a discounted Salsa Garden kit that has four packets of seeds to get you started:

Salsa Garden Kit
Salsa Garden Kit

Our salsa garden kit  makes it easy to start your own salsa garden! Here's what is included:

1. San Marzano Tomatoes
San Marzano tomatoes have thick flesh and few seeds so they make great, thick salsa. Very productive and easy to grow!

2. Early Jalapenos
Our Early Jalapeños have nice, thick flesh and a medium jalapeno heat to give salsa a spicy kick. They are extra early, harvesting in about 65 days, and then will produce heavily the rest of the season, providing plenty of pods for spicy salsa.

3. White Lisbon Bunching Onion
Onions are an essential ingredient to salsa, and they're easy to grow! We enjoy dicing up green bunching onions for our salsas. Our White Lisbon Bunching Onion is mild and a fast-growing onion that does not form a bulb, you can use the entire onion in salsa, the white part as well as the greens! They all add tons of flavor.

4. Cilantro
We think cilantro tastes awesome in salsa. Most people who don't like cilantro still like salsa with cilantro! Sow seeds every few weeks to keep your cilantro coming, it tends to bolt and go to seed in hot weather, but we like that too as the flowers are beautiful and the pollinators love them too. Plus, if you let them ripen to seed, you can use the seed in the kitchen (also known as coriander spice), or you can sow more cilantro seeds over time to keep the harvest coming for your salsas.  

 Salsa Garden Seeds - Cilantro, Tomatoes, Jalapenos and Green Onions

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Salsa Garden

Salsa Garden Seeds

Feel free to start with our Salsa Garden Kit, but don't stop there! Sandia Seed has over 100 specialty peppers from sweet to super-hot - and they are all delicious in salsa. Plus, you can grow any of our 50 tomato varieties to make lots of different kinds of salsa throughout the season. You don't have to peel tomatoes to make salsa either, check out our No-Peel Salsa Recipe. Also if you like Salsa Verde, make sure to grow our Tomatillos in your salsa garden, Salsa Verde salsa is one of our favorites!

Did you know that our Hatch Chile makes great salsa?
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Happy growing - enjoy your salsa!!