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Pepper Seeds

Pepper Seeds for Chimayo Chiles

Pepper Seeds from Around the World

Sandia Seed specializes in pepper seeds – we carry chile peppers from around the world! 

New Mexican Chile Seeds:
We are huge fans of New Mexican chile, so we carry a wide variety of Hatch green chile seeds and red chile seeds that have been grown in the Hatch region of New Mexico. Once you've tasted Hatch green chile, it's hard not to want to have it wherever you live – and finding this special chile fresh is difficult outside of New Mexico – most people don't know the difference between a green bell pepper and a green chile! So, with our seeds, you can easily grow these amazing flavored chiles no matter where you garden. Like Champagne, chiles cannot be called "Hatch Chile" if not grown in the region of Hatch, New Mexico – but we still think it tastes amazing wherever it's grown. Afterall, not everyone can living in New Mexico!  For other New Mexican and Mexican flavors, don't miss our Guajillo Chile seeds, which are amazing for Mexican Mole sauces, or grow our huge Big Jim Pepper seeds, and our Poblano pepper seeds.

Hot Pepper Seeds:
We also carry a huge collection of Hot Peppers including Jalapeño seeds in several colors and sizes including our popular Lemon Spice Yellow Jalapeño seeds, or the extra large Jalmundo Jalapeño seeds, Cayenne pepper seeds, hot Indian peppers like Jwala Finger seeds, Goat Horn, Serrano, Bulgarian Carrot, Devil's Tongue, Fatalii, Red Caribbean Habanero, Chocolate Habanero, Peruvian White Habanero, Pequin, Yellow Scotch Bonnet, Tabasco, Thai Hot. View all of these pepper seeds »


Super Hot Pepper Seeds:
If you want to grow the hottest pepper seeds make sure to check out all of our wickedly hot peppers. We have some of the hottest pepper seeds in the world including the Carolina Reaper, the HOTTEST PEPPER in the world with over 2 million Scoville units. We also have lots of other varieties of super hot peppers including Bhut Jolokias in  white, yellow, peach, purple, chocolate and red! Carolina Reaper, Tombstone Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Scorpions, Yellow Brain Strain. 

Sweet Pepper Seeds

Sweet Pepper Seeds:
In addition to spicy peppers, we also carry a wide variety of sweet pepper seeds that you can use in recipes, salads, and to tame down and add flavor to hot sauces or salsa.