Hottest Pepper 2019

Posted on 19 November 2018

Hottest Pepper 2018 & 2019Did you know that the Hottest Pepper in 2018 and 2019 is the Carolina Reaper?

While there have been rumors of a Dragon's Breath Pepper and a Pepper X that are trying to be contenders for the being the Hottest Pepper in the World... In 2018, the Guinness World Record is currently still held by the Carolina Reaper

The Dragon's Breath Pepper
is not yet a stable strain, at least in our experience. We have been growing out several pods and seeds with varied, un-satisfactory results. The last set of seedlings we started, all from the same Dragon's Breath pod, and all at the same time, are all over the place in size and even the shape of the leaves. We're dubious that this Dragon's Breath strain has been able to be stabilized for consistent growing, and we have yet to get any pods from the multiple sets of seeds we've tried to grow over the past year.

Stay tuned on our trials of the Dragon's Breath Pepper »

For now, if you want to grow the hottest pepper in the world, grow our Carolina Reaper Seeds – then you'll know you are growing the current world-record-holder for being the hottest chile pepper you can have in your garden. They're great for making Carolina Reaper Salsa or making hot sauce

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