Dragon's Breath Pepper Seeds

Posted on 08 March 2018

Dragons Breath Chile Seeds

Dragon's Breath Pepper Seeds

Are you looking for Dragon's breath pepper seeds?

Sandia Seed is working to start offering Dragon's Breath Pepper Seeds soon, so stay tuned – we'll post on Instagram, PinterestFacebook, our newsletter, and our website when we do! 

Did you know it's not yet "officially" the hottest pepper in the world? Yes, that's right, the Carolina Reaper is still the champion. Scroll down to read more about it... but first check out our Instagram video below where we check out these famed Dragons – we are going to grow these out and see if the strain is stable. We'll keep you posted here on updates! We can't wait to harvest these little beasts and we will be offering Dragons Breath seeds VERY SOON! 

Hottest pepper in the World - Carolina Reaper - Dragon's Breath Pepper SeedsThe Dragon's Breath Pepper's claim to be the hottest pepper in the world has not yet been deemed the winner by Guinness Records, so time will tell if this new super hot little pepper will get the crown! 

* The Carolina Reaper is still the Hottest Pepper in the World:
Yes, the  Carolina Reaper is still wears the crown for being the world's hottest pepper with a record of 2,200,000 Scoville Heat Units. 

We'll see if the Dragon ever dethrones the Reaper (or any other pepper for that matter), but so far, the Reaper's Guinness Record still stands.

So for now, growing the Carolina Reaper is sufficient, we're positive that you'll find it is hot that your face will go numb and you might cry like a little girl. 

But... Can Eating a Carolina Reaper Kill You?

Did you know that the Dragon's Breath Chile was created by accident? 

Dragons Breath Chile SeedsIt's true, the Dragon's Breath Chile was cultivated by Mike Smith of St. Asaph, Denbigshire in the UK, who was actually trying to grow a beautiful pepper plant for an upcoming Chelsea Flower Show! While it didn't win any prizes, it may win an even greater prize – a Guinness Record for it's surprising heat. At a claimed 2.48 million Scoville units, this tiny little pepper may be the hottest pepper of all.

Stay tuned...Sandia Seed will definitely be offering this little beast as soon as seeds are available!

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