Hottest New Mexico Chile Seeds

Posted on 14 June 2019

Hottest New Mexico Chile Seeds

The hottest green chile seeds available are sold here at Sandia Seed Company. They are ranked by taste tests of the foods we prepare every year with them, and not their official Scoville heat units.

#1 Hottest New Mexico Green Chile is the Rattlesnake Chile.
The super hot Rattlesnake Green Chile is reported to reach up to 18,000 Scoville Heat Rating! However, often it is much lower near the 10,000 SHU rating, so while it can be our hottest, it's not always as hot as 18,000 SHU. To get it hotter, they say that hot weather and drier conditions help the plant produce hotter peppers. Sometimes, the Lumbre X-Hot can be as hot than the Rattlesnake, but – at Rattlesnake's hottest, it's hotter than the Lumbre X-Hot. Grow both for extra-spicy chile.

#2 Hottest New Mexico Green Chile is Lumbre.

Heat Level: X Hot  Scoville: 10,000
It is sold as Hatch Green XHot Lumbre – Lumbre in packs of 30 seeds for $2.49

#3 The always hot and reliable Barker’s Hot.

Heat Level: X Hot Scoville: 9,000-10,000
We sell this seed as Hatch Green XHot Barker’s Hot in packs of 30 seeds for $2.49.

The heat in New Mexico green chiles is first of all genetic. You have to start with a hot chile seed variety that has the potential to be really hot.

Next, the heat content is affected by the growing conditions. The soil, sunlight, water, and temperature all play a part in the heat content in the pods. Try to emulate the field conditions that are here in Hatch, New Mexico. The soil is ph neutral, the sunlight is all day long 13 – 14 hours, the water is irrigation between raised rows, the temperature stays between 65F at night and 95F during the day.

Seeds are smart and always adapting, save the seeds from the hottest chile pod that grew in your garden. Grow those seeds again next year, and then continue your hot pod selection process.

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